Glomail Celltone – product’s own study shows it does not work!

Posted 11 October 2013

We have to commend Glomail for at least putting some money into testing whether Celltone  “Regenerative gel”, that it would “… assist with the management of various skin afflictions” and that it “Helps diminish the appearance of stretch marks, scarring, spots and wrinkles” as claimed by Glomail.

However, here it gets interesting. The study done locally by Future Cosmetics appeared to Glomail to support the claims that the product works. And Mr John Knowlton of Cosmetic Solutions who has substantiated a number of other products complained to the ASA about, and previously regarded as an expert by the ASA, substantiated the product’s claims (mostly) based on this study.

However we carefully examined the findings and found that the evidence was actually against the claims! Yep, did not support the claims at all. In fact, it confirmed what we had been saying, it Read the rest

9 comments to Glomail Celltone – product’s own study shows it does not work!

  • Yolanda

    Well my issue with the whole Celltone product is that in a certain advertorial by Game Stores it was written that the product was tested only on white women. Now I have to wonder why they only tested on white women when clearly they are also targeting black women. I recently saw their advert on it by a black person and I say they must retract it, it is false advertising at its best. That product was not tested on black skin so really where do they get the nerve to have a black person endorse it.

  • Harris

    It is clear that the owners do not give a damn for in spite of their own study showing the product does not work, and the ASA ruling, they continue to advertise. Clearly making money is above their ethics and morals and at the expense of consumers who do not find this information.

  • mulayo

    I have 3 weeks now using celtone no results and im also developing pimples I realy don’t understand

  • mulayo

    But when they advertise they say it realy works Ive just wasted my money (VERY BORING)

  • monnye angelina

    hello ,please help me to find the good celltone to clean my face skin and remove spot and black mark.

  • Sbuma

    I am very disappointed with celltone it does not work period.
    we have been taken for a ride

  • Lenchia

    Very disappointed it is not working

  • Milo

    Celltone is falsely advertised as it doesn’t help only makes skin worse.

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