5-Hour Energy Drink – Does it work? ASA ruling

Posted 13 August 2015

A complaint was laid with the ASA arguing that this product makes a number of misleading claims, inter alia: that the product supplies “hours of energy”, “fixes tired fast” and that the name itself,  5-Hour Energy, is misleading for it does not supply 5 hours of energy.

The complainant pointed out that a peer-reviewed study did not confirm the claims, and that the product carried risks (not pointed out in the advertising, and that 3 United States states – Oregon, Vermont, Washington – have filed lawsuits accusing 5-Hour Energy’s makers of deceptive marketing. (See ASA complaint beneath ASA ruling below)

The respondent claimed, among other, that two more recent studies found the claims to be justified.

The ASA ruled in favour of the complainant.

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