Vital Anti-Ageing Blueberry and Pine Bark Extract

Posted 08 August 2012

A consumer lodged a consumer complaint against the Vital’s’s print advertisement appearing in the “Rooi Rose” magazine, promoting its Anti-Ageing Blueberry and Pine Bark Extract. The advertisement is headed “Jeugdige vel in ‘n japtrap” (Youthful skin in a flash) and also contains an image of the product’s packaging with the claims “Vital ANTI AGEING…” and “FOR YOUTHFUL RADIANCE”. The complainant submitted that the name of the product and the claims made on its packaging are misleading and unsubstantiated as they imply that it is possible to acquire such result, whereas there is no evidence that such results are humanly possible. The complainant made the point that not even the research found on the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database supports the claims made. The ASA agreed, the evidence was too thin.

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