Skin bleach trade driven by quest for beauty

Posted 20 June 2017

An article by Cynthia Maseko, published in Health-e News, states that a desperation for lighter skin and a firm belief that paler skins are much more attractive than dark skins are driving factors behind the burgeoning trade in skin bleaching products in Mpumalanga.

The article continues:

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When lightening strikes, it brings pale ailments

Davids warns that the demand for skin-lightening products has led to a surge in the availability of ‘unsolicited, untested’ products on the market.  “Very often the good products are out of the price range of the majority of the people, with the result that many people are going to be looking for cheaper products.”

“These cheaper products are unsolicited, untested and have hit the market at a staggering rate. This is going to lead to, frighteningly, an increase in skin damage, or potential skin damage.”

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