Leanor herbal slimming drops has been marketed as an effective weight loss product for some years. In 2004, I complained to the ASA that there was insufficient proof to confirm that the claims are valid, and indeed, that the dosage of each ingredient was ridiculously low to have any effect at all.

The company asked Dr Jacques Rossouw to examine the claims for the product, and he concluded that "[A]lthough a clinical trial has not beep conducted on the effects of the Leanor Herbal Slimming Concentrate on weight loss, I am of the opinion that the individual ingredients will instill such activity."

However, Prof Roy Jobson, who I asked to evaluate the claims as my "independent credible expert"  agreed with my arguments and I requested arbitration. 

In the arbitration by Prof. Marc Blockman from the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Cape Town, he concluded as we did (arbitration result), that the claims for this product are not substantiated.

The essence of our arguments were:

1. Insufficient evidence in support of claims for weight-loss of the individual ingredients, and,
2. Individual ingredients used in incredibly low dosages to have any effect. 

For example,  if studies show that one requires 250 mg of aspirin to alleviate a headache, can one then claim that 10 mg will have the same or a similar effect?

Evidence in support for claims of weight-loss

We refer to the highly credible Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (NMCD) which has the following to say regarding the individual ingredients:

Green Tea
“Effectiveness: Insufficient reliable evidence to rate”

Globe Artichoke
“Effectiveness: Not used for weight loss.”

Ginseng, Panax
“Effectiveness: Not used for weight-loss.”

Garcinia cambogia (active ingredient is hydroxycitric acid)
“Effectiveness: Possibly Ineffective. Obesity. Taking garcinia fruit rind extract orally doesn't seem to help decrease weight, satiety, fat oxidation, or energy expenditure in obese people. 


“Effectiveness: There is insufficient reliable information available about the effectiveness of goldenrod.” Not used for weight-loss

“Orally, dandelion is used for loss of appetite . . "  and "Effectiveness: Nil for weight-loss"

“Orally, used for . . . , loss of appetite . . "  and "Effectiveness: Not used for weight-loss." 

I argued:

The composition of LeanOr Herbal Drops are listed in two tables below, first for constituents that are purported to have an effect on weight-loss per se, and in a second table for “ancillary actions”.

The dosage for adults is “10 drops 3 times per day in a little water” but as 15-16 drops = 1 cc = 1 ml, the daily dosages have been calculated.

 1. Constituents for Weight loss

Of the 7 “active” constituents, only two are purported to possibly have efficacy in weight loss. These are Green tea and Cambogia. Taking LeanOr will supply a total daily dose of:

ConstituentLeanOr mg per ml
(15-16 drops)
LeanOr single dose 10 drops (mg)LeanOr’s daily dose (mg)Minimum recommended daily dose for weight loss (mg)*
Green tea16.210.732.1240-320

* from Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database 

It is very clear from the above table that the level of major weight-loss components in LeanOr is insignificant according to the suggested daily dose. There is no evidence in the Complementary Medicine literature to indicate that the low dosages used in LeanOr are appropriate.


I also argued (among other):

"Dr Rossouw also misrepresents the other studies to support his substantiation for LeanOr. For example, he uses the study by Nagao and co-workers which used “daily consumption of tea containing 690 mg catechins for 12 wk reduced body fat” but neglects to point out that this is approximately 20x the dose of LeanOr’s insignificant dose of 32.1 mg, (of which approximately one third is caffeine and not catechins).

Similarly, the study by Tsuchida et al, which used catechins of 588 mg per day for 12 weeks is also around 20x the dose supplied by LeanOr."


Synergistic effect
I argued:

"Dr Rossouw writes that “all the herbs in the formulation are know for their effects on weight control/digestion/metabolism/water retention”, and “… will have a synergistic effect, thus assisting in slimming, weight loss or control of appetite”. [My emphasis]

In the first instance, the efficacy of these constituents has been questioned by the authoritative Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. Even if the efficacy of the LeanOr constituents were not in doubt, a damning and critical aspect of Dr Rossouw’s evaluation, is that the LeanOr formulation uses much smaller doses of the constituents (with the exception of Goldenrod and possibly Dandelion)"

ConstituentLeanOr mg per ml
(15-16 drops)
LeanOr single dose 10 drops (mg)

LeanOr’s daily dose (mg)

Lowest recommended daily dose for any condition (mg)
Globe Artichoke67.544.6133.8320 – 640
Panax Ginseng14.49.528.5100
Golden Rod10.87.121.36-12

* from Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

According to the Natural Database, there are some herbal interactions, but certainly not between any of these constituents in the LeanOr formulation, hence the “synergistic effect” is pure guesswork.

Contrary to Dr Rossouw’s assertion that LeanOr assists “in slimming, weight loss or control of appetite” and “… effective appetite control in a drop”, three constituents (ginseng, dandelion and ginger) are reported to in fact increase appetite (if used in an appropriate dose of course). [My emphasis]


So now you, the reader, have all the facts at your disposal. What do you think?

15 comments to Leanor

  • ntombi

    it works actually i tried it once though and i lost a coupla kilos

  • tumelo

    i use it in 2010 n it really work 4me,i wnt 4rm size 38 2 28 n 30 bt nw im gaining weight again


    goeie more so gesukkel ek wil graag hoor en of dit moontlik is ek het vir jare jul oorspronklike leeanor drops gedrink dit was al wat vir my gewerk het ek so moedeloos hoekom het julle dit van die mark af gehaar die herbal een is geld mors ek het dit probeer al 3 bottel en dit is gaga dit werk nie ek soek my dood na die oorspronklik leanor drops asb se my waar ek van dit kan kry ek het van n 32 size op getel tot n size 40 asb sal dit waardeur as jul my kan help


      Hi Kiewiet

      Ja ek was ook daar op gewees die oorspronklike ene en dit het ook vir my gewerk. Ek wil graag weet hoekom hulle dit van die mark af gehaal het regtig ek soek myself ook dood aan die goed en kry dit nerens nie. So as jy kry voor my asb laat weet my ek is dringend opsoek na die oorspronklike ene. O ja die herbal ene is n klomp #$@. Dit werk nie ek het dit ook getri mors net n mens se geld

  • Ursula

    Leonor drops have proved to work for me twice. I had my baby six months ago and since being on them for one month I am going smaller than the size I was before being pregnant. All family have commented in the past two weeks. It has no side effects for me..its all herbal. I take 20drops once a day instead of 10 3 times a day which makes it convenient. My appetite has decreased and I have more energy. Love this product. Looks like I have gone from a size 38 heading for a 35-34 now 🙂 Eat healthily and in small portions and take regular walks too to boost it

  • Harris

    I am curious: how do you know it is the drops and not the fact that you are simply eating more correctly because your mind is now focused on doing so?


    Please advice where i can get it, i used it and it really worked for me. i need to find out where i can get it.

  • Lynn

    Leanor the orginal not herbal one, worked like magic for apetite surpressant. Althou it did give me heart palpatations.

    Did not eat, always full of energy, but alas lost no weight.

  • Lindii

    Hi I’ve just started using leanor drops because I want to lose baby weight and on birth control prevention using injection,I would like to find out if that wont affect my injection and get me pregnant again?your reply will be highly appreciated tx

    • Harris

      This is a difficult question to answer. It will depend on what injection you are receiving, and the actual ingredients in Leanor. I suggest you contact the company who makes Leanor and ask them. But Leanor will not help you lose weight, it is a scam.

  • Irene

    I bought from a girl name Trish. Was suppose to last for 2 months. pd over a R1000.00 What a lot of $#%^%#@#$$$. Took 15 drops in my tea every morning just after 8. But was so hungry by 13:hours. Please ladies, don’t order from these con artist. They claim to be from over seas and have a distributer in S.A. very much doubt it. I was lost money and no weight but they will loss everything once they get caught.

  • Nadia

    The original leanor drops worked nothing on the marked is as afficiant as that not combodia or secret fat burner . Nothing

  • Amanda

    They have worked for me too but now it seems like they are not sold anymore I’ve been looking for them all over.

  • The Best

    Leanor drop original is the best on the market

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