Leanor herbal slimming drops has been marketed as an effective weight loss product for some years. In 2004, I complained to the ASA that there was insufficient proof to confirm that the claims are valid, and indeed, that the dosage of each ingredient was ridiculously low to have any effect at all.

The company asked Dr Jacques Rossouw to examine the claims for the product, and he concluded that "[A]lthough a clinical trial has not beep conducted on the effects of the Leanor Herbal Slimming Concentrate on weight loss, I am of the opinion that the individual ingredients will instill such activity."

However, Prof Roy Jobson, who I asked to evaluate the claims as my "independent credible expert"  agreed with my arguments and I requested arbitration. 

In the arbitration by Prof. Marc Blockman from the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Cape Town, he concluded as we did … Read the rest