Ultima Fat Away

Posted 29 April 2012 

Does Ultima Fat Away result in weight loss?

Well there is certainly not a shred of evidence that it does. Here is an old ASA ruling, which followed an arbitration by Prof Tessa vd Merwe, where she ruled that “After considering all the documentation before her, Prof van der Merwe submitted that these claims could not “be substantiated based on scientific studies.””

And considering that the company is still selling this product years later, with the same unproven claims, suggests that one cannot trust ANYTHING that this company sells. Ultima products, owned by Tim Shead, sells their product in Dischem and other outlets, and online. I think that it is an affront to consumers, to the ASA and to Prof Tessa v.d. Merwe that this company continues to abuse the trust of consumers in this way.

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