Johan Brittz alias Be-Trim alias – Scam!

Posted 25 July 2013

SandiJohan and Sandi Brittz are the scam artists behind Be-Trim, selling the same product under a range of names and ignoring ASA rulings. This complaint to the ASA points out that Caxton publishers, 

the owners of Vrouekeuer, have again not complied with ASA rulings and have accepted an adverts for this product, and that the product is now being sold under the guise of And in case you are wondering, the loss of your hard-earned money is going to keeping their lavish lifestyle in LLundudno intact. More, they have claimed that two distinguished scientists support their product, a blatant lie.

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Posted 17 June 2013

As previously posted on CamCheck, Johan Brittz, the person behind the scam products Be-trim and Organo-Slim, is living the high-life in Llandudno, and continues to roll-out scam after scam. He simply ignores ASA rulings. He has selling  Be-Trim under the guise of

SandiSacksteinUpdate 21 October 2013: It has come to our attention, that the actual person behind the product is Sandi Sackstein.

In fact, it does appear that Caxton Publishers, owners of Vrouekeur, are also ignoring previous ASA ruling by continuing to accept adverts from individuals such as Johan Brittz and Miracle Magnesium in spite of previous ASA rulings (both adverts in the 14 June Vrouekeur. As consumers, you can ask for Vrouekeur to reimburse you what you spent on these scam products (the Consumer Protection Act allows you to).   
2013-06-18 Weightloss24 

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Ad watchdog gives Easy Thin a fat klap

Posted 28 November 2012

By Wendy Knowler

IOL  January 11 2012 at 05:19pm 

If you overindulged during the festive season and made one of those “lose weight/get fit” new year resolutions, you’ll be particularly vulnerable to the marketing ploys of the slimming product and fitness club industries.

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ASA Sanctions against Easy Thin (Betrim/Organoslim/Johan Brittz)

Posted 12 January 2012

In this ruling, the ASA has bared its teeth. Johan Brittz is the person behind the scam products, Organoslim, Be-trim, and Easythin. Clearly without conscience, he simply changes the name of the product, and/or the formulation, and continues to sell these scam products.

"The complainant firstly objected on the basis that the weight loss claims made are false, and have no scientific basis or proof. In addition, the claim that the product is registered with the MCC is also not true, and somewhat suspicious, seeing that the registration number quoted is the same as that quoted for the respondent’s Be-Trim and Organoslim products. Lastly, the complainant noted that the respondent has received various adverse rulings and/or sanctions for non-compliance with the Code and existing rulings. Clearly the respondent is flagrantly disregarding the rulings and the Code, and severe sanctions are warranted."

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Microslim – ASA ruling

Posted 13 October 2011

Sandy Brittz  and Johan Brittz  are two individuals who sell products (Be-Trim, Microslim, Organo Slim) with no evidence that they can result in weight loss. In fact, as suspected, the products may be the same rubbish but given different names ("if this one does not help you, try this other one"). The owner(s),  Sandy Brittz  and Johan Brittz who we have previously written about, live the high life in Lladudno, off the proceeds of these baloney products. You may be as curious as I was to know where they live: here

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ASA Ruling, Be-Trim, again.

Posted 22 August 2011

This is a company that sells there scam products under a number of names. The owner, (Johan Brittz)   who we have previously written about, lives the high life in Lladudno, off the proceeds of products that have no proof of working. 

This is the result of a breach complaint made to the ASA.

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Organo Slim, again!

Posted 04 August 2011

Readers will be aware that there has been numerous ASA rulings against this product's claims, and other variants being sold by the same individual, Johan Brittz, who lives in the very expensive area of Llandudno.

Here the complainant argued that the same unsubstantiated claims are being made and that the owner is flagrantly ignoring the ASA's rulings.

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Bet-Trim ASA breach ruling

"In Be-Trim / L De Weerdt / 8660 (24 May 2007), the Directorate ruled that the advertisement claiming, inter alia, “20 Kilos in 3 Weke!!” (20 Kilos in 3 Weeks) and having several personal references of people losing weight as a result of using this product, had to be withdrawn because the respondent did not submit substantiation for the relevant claims."

Complaint: "The respondent is clearly flagrantly ignoring the ASA’s regulations and rulings. Despite knowing full well about the requirements in the Code, the respondent is simply carrying on advertising more such products."

Respondent: " The respondent ends with an emotional appeal, explaining that it is not a big company, yet it is providing income for 6 families and if it cannot advertise its products these families will not have an income."

(Note: The owner, Johan Brittz lives in the very expensive area of Llandudno)

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Easy Thin

The weight-loss product, Easy Thin, is a product owned by Sandi Brittz. The product is advertised at w Can you believe any of the claims on this site?

Here is a clue. Sandi Brittz is a member of the team (and Johan Brittz) that also sells Organo Slim and Be trim. Both products do not a shred of evidence that they work (never mind whether they are safe). Without evidence, these products may be nothing but scams.

The site claims “Easy Thin is a South African product, manufactured by a registered pharmaceutical company. Both company and product is fully registered with the South African Medicines Control Council. Registry Number: 017201″. Firstly, this product is NOT registered with the MCC. Fact! Secondly, how it is possible that Easy Thin, Organo Slim, and Bet Trim, all have the same registry number? mmmmm….. Looks like a big … Read the rest

Beware of Johan Brittz!

Posted 21 March 2011

I assume you ask, why target a specific individual, and why?

Simple explanation:

Johan Brittz*, according to the registration information at, is the domain registrant (owner) of the websites (and products) Organo Slim and Betrim. As posted before, there is absolutely not a shred of proof that these products work, and therefore may be nothing more than scams.

In spite of previous ASA rulings, Johan Brittz simply advertises a product with a different name in M-NET’s TV Guide (Magic). In the April 2011 a new advert appears for a product called Microslim ( Be cautioned, there is not a shred of evidence that this product has any efficacy.

*[email protected]
37 Sunset Av., Llandudno, 7806
phone : +27 21 790 7556

A colleague has pointed out that the product, Easythin, ( is owned by Sandi Brittz, and the product claims to be registered with the Medicines Read the rest