Homemark Detox Tea – ASA breach ruling

Posted 05 May 2015

This is an old ruling from February 2014 in which the complainant argued that Homemark claimed for this product, “H]as a laxative effect which helps the digestive system to eliminate toxins from the body through urea and sweating” is possible.” The ASA ruled that “[A]t present, the breach allegation must fail, because the respondent does not appear to be making the claims originally ruled against.”


In the matter between:

MR PAUL JASPER – Complainant


HOMEMARK (PTY) LTD – Respondent

27 February 2014

Homemark Detox Tea / P Jasper / 17851


In Homemark Detox Tea / P Jasper / 17851 (15 November 2011) the Directorate considered the following claims:

  • “STIMULATE Digestive System”;
  • “FIGHT Free Radicals”;
  • “ENHANCE Immune System”;
  • “BOOST Energy Levels”.
  • The voice-over also exclaimed “… Plus, lose weight, improve your complexion, all with the amazing Detox Tea …”
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