Structured Water – Hogwash?

Posted 08 August 2022

At Better Water SA, Marieke Bos claims “I am passionate about structured enhanced water and I would like to share. This great technology can benefit you and the whole of South Africa“.  Similarly at Designer Water the following is claimed: “Structured water does not have the same properties as bulk water” and “Structured water is not a myth, this useful phenomenon can improve health and rejuvenate the body, scientists say.‘ At Trivortex, similar claims are made: “For optimal cellular hydration, it is important to present cells with structured water” with the scam claim that “[T]he subtle energy fields of the Tri-Vortex treated Water Disc creates structure in any liquid within a few minutes”.

Prof Timothy Schmidt is a Professor of Chemistry at UNSW Sydney, Australia. In this article published in The Conversation, titled, Don’t fall Read the rest