Vita Aid PH Balance – nonsensical claims

Posted 06 May 2013

A consumer lodged a complaint against an advertisement for Vita Aid PH Balance. The advertisement is headed “Do you get sick often? Do you feel tired all the time?” The copy then states, inter alia, that: “Your body is probably too acidic. The answer to your well-being could be as simple as balancing the ph level in your body and managing your acidity. “… effectively speeding up your body’s immune response rate and packing a punch with loads of new-found energy!” “… Vita Aid pH Balance fights acidity in the body. It helps to balance your body’s pH level, by correcting extreme acidic states commonly associated with gout, diabetes and arthritis”;

The complainant elaborated on why these claims are untrue, illogical and in some instances contradictory. 

Arcadia Home Shopping were unable to prove their claims. [divider]

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7 comments to Vita Aid PH Balance – nonsensical claims

  • Mac Mashinini

    The Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Check website is very useful in curbing quackery. My concern is that while they were successful in opposing Arcadia’s pH Balance advert in March, the ad is back and the product price has doubled in a fortnight!

  • Harris

    @Mac Mashinini
    Thank you for your input. I am informed by the original complainant to the ASA that a breach complaint has been lodged with the ASA and awaits a ruling.

  • M Mahango

    Is Vita-Aid pH Balance increases the rate of acid or decreases the rate of acid? I’ve been diagnosis with acid in my body. I’m the victim of being attacked by all acid related deseases like GERD. I would like to know wether is advisable for me to take this Vita-Aid pH Balance?

  • Prof Roy

    @M Mahango – GERD is gasto-esophageal reflux disease, which is caused by excess stomach acid entering the “esophagus” or “oesophagus.” (This is why it is also known as GORD.) Vita-Aid pH Balance is unlikely to be more effective in reducing stomach acid than ordinary antacids that can be bought in pharmacies or even supermarkets. If, however, this problem has been persistent or long lasting, it may be wise to consult a medical doctor and have some tests done. This can exclude an underlying cause. It may even be necessary to have a gastroscopy done where a tube with a camera is used to examine the inside of the stomach.

  • Portia Mtshwene

    My mum is diabetic, arthritis and complain about being tired all the times, so I am thinking of buying this Vita Aid pH Balance. I need expert advised because I do not what to do any more with mum, she 56 yrs old mother.

  • Kevin Charleston

    @Portia. I would strongly advise against just taking any off-the-shelf product. You definitely need expert advice – particularly where more than one disease is involved. You cannot just believe any product able or advertising – especially where the advertiser is unable to prove that their product is effective for the things they say it is. Please try and get you mother to a proper doctor.

  • David Kirkness

    the ad is back on SABC today !

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