Electro-Therapy Snake Bite kit – dangerous!

Posted 26 May 2012

I received the following email today:

Dear Dr. Steinman,

A rather trivial matter but here is a company in South Africa marketing an electric shock device for snake bite. Electrotherapy came about in the 80’s when a Catholic priest published a letter in Lancet claiming that the electric current neutralised the proteins in snake venom and worked as a cute.

This has subsequently been tested scientifically and it does not work. Yet the company continues to market their shock device to game lodges in South Africa. This can obviously create a false sense of security and endanger the life of a snake bite victim.

I have discussed the device with employees of ElectroTherapy ( as well as the owner but they rely on testimonials and continue to sell the device. Is there any way in which you can assist to have this device banned?Read the rest