Easy Slimming Solutions – ASA ruling

Posted 26 July 2014

A consumer lodged a consumer complaint with the ASA against Easy Slimming Solutions’ Facebook advertisement that was published at The complainant submitted, in essence, that the advertisement is misleading as there are no studies to verify the claim that the advertised product is totally natural.

Seems like the owner of this company, Danie Robberts (Tel: 0745613864), is an unapologetic liar, claiming that the ASA did not object to their claims: “When he questioned the respondent on the evidence, he was informed that the ASA had already considered the respondent’s evidence and that he could contact the ASA for verification.” He and Tracy Robberts are also the scam artists behind Kangmei capsules.

Not only do they sell these scams, but forget getting a refund for your purchase.

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