Reduline 36 – ASA breach complaint

Posted 20 May 2014

Arcadia Home Shopping continued to make unsubstantiated claims for its product, Reduline 36. A consumer reported to the ASA that these unsupported claims were still being made, and the ASA agreed that this was contrary to the ASA code, and upheld the breach complaint.

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Arcadia Home Shopping Seduire Spray / Virago Sex Booster

Posted 07 March 2014

Dr de Lange lodged a consumer complaint against Arcadia Home Shopping Séduire pheromone spray and Virago Sex Booster adverts which claimed “Regain your sexual attraction”, and included, inter alia, the following claims: “Séduire Spray contains pheromones that are scientifically developed to trigger the same reaction from the opposite sex than natural pheromones”; “When you spray it on, the opposite sex will notice you more easily and will instantly be more attracted to you”; “When you become sexually aroused your body produces more of this hormone and this triggers a response from the opposite sex by increasing their attraction towards you”; “The Virago Sex Booster consisting of mood enhancer capsules (suitable for men and women) increases sexual arousal and intensifies orgasms.”

The complainant argued that the advertising makes unsubstantiated claims as there is no scientific evidence that human pheromones are able to produce the effects as claimed Read the rest

Arcadia Home Shopping Reduline36 – breach complaint

Posted 05 February 2014

A consumer laid a breach compliant with the ASA against the Arcadia’s print advertisement entitled “Believe it! Flab disappears without expensive surgery”. The advertisement appeared in the Sunday Times on 1 December 2013. In essence, the complainant submitted that the advertisement is virtually the same as the one he originally complained about. All the original efficacy claims have remained and the only modification is that it explicitly identifies the product as Chitosan.

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Arcadia Home Shopping “Reduline 36” – No proof

Posted 10 September 2013

A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA against the claims of this product. The ASA asked Arcadia Home Shopping for proof to support the claims. The ASA ruled in favour of the complainant on a number of aspects, but not all.

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Vita Aid PH Balance – nonsense claims

Posted 24 August 2013

Arcadia Home Shopping appears to be an untrustworthy company for this is not the first time they have made claims for a product that were false and could not be supported by proof. In this complaint, a consumer argued that the claims being made for Vita Aid PH Balance are false: “The complainant elaborated on why these claims are untrue, illogical and in some instances contradictory. He also referred to previous instances where the Directorate ruled against such claims made by another advertiser, arguing that there is little likelihood that this advertiser will have evidence to make such claims.”

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Vita Aid PH Balance – nonsensical claims

Posted 06 May 2013

A consumer lodged a complaint against an advertisement for Vita Aid PH Balance. The advertisement is headed “Do you get sick often? Do you feel tired all the time?” The copy then states, inter alia, that: “Your body is probably too acidic. The answer to your well-being could be as simple as balancing the ph level in your body and managing your acidity. “… effectively speeding up your body’s immune response rate and packing a punch with loads of new-found energy!” “… Vita Aid pH Balance fights acidity in the body. It helps to balance your body’s pH level, by correcting extreme acidic states commonly associated with gout, diabetes and arthritis”;

The complainant elaborated on why these claims are untrue, illogical and in some instances contradictory. 

Arcadia Home Shopping were unable to prove their claims.

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ASA ruling: Arcadia’s Citrax product

Posted 29 March 2010

Arcadia print advertisement for its Citrax weight loss capsules that appeared in the Sunday Times Magazine during November 2009, was headed with a statement by a Physiotherapist, Maja Šcepanovic, reading, “I lost 50 kilos in only six months – WITHOUT DIETING!” At the bottom of the advertisement the disclaimer reads, “Diet aids such as these are only effective when taken in conjunction with or as part of a kilojoule-controlled diet”.

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