Imuniti Nutritional Supplement Combo Pack – Major scam

Posted 01 September 2013

This story has so many interesting aspects, that one could write a whole column on each. From health professionals that invested in a product that claims to be a cure for AIDS, to false promises, to lies and deceit, to the number of investors and the amount of money they were prepared to invest in a product claiming to “cure” AIDS, based on no proof.

Note: “In what is believed to be the first case of its kind in South Africa, the shareholders are asking the Durban High Court for permission to liquidate Edge to Edge Global Investments, a public company. They allege the directors, Durban couple John and Kathy Ellis and Jan Louw of Pretoria, have “acted in a manner that is fraudulent or otherwise illegal” and accuse them of “misapplying or wasting” assets.” Not about the fact that the product has no proof that Read the rest