UK ASA ruling on claims for OmegaLabs’ Dermalex Eczema

Posted 21 December 2016

OmegaLabs took the MCC to court recently, as mentioned in a GroundUp article.

Coincidentally, a complaint had been laid in the UK at the ASA against claims being made for one of their products: a press ad for Dermalex Eczema promoted a skin treatment cream for eczema. The advert stated, “AS EFFECTIVE AS A STEROID CREAM¹”. A footnote for the claim stated “¹Average symptom improvement over 6 weeks, when compared to Hydrocortisone 1% in petrolatum-cetomacrogol”. In the right-hand circle, text stated, “HYDRATES BETTER THAN AN EMOLLIENT²”. A footnote for that claim stated “²emollients containing unguentum leniens”. In the middle of the Venn diagram, text stated “BREAKTHROUGH ECZEMA TREATMENT”. A number of high street pharmacists’ logos were shown towards the bottom of the ad.

A complainant argued that the claims were not true.

The UK ASA agreed.

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Court affirms Medicines Control Council’s powers

Posted 13 December 2016

Court affirms Medicines Control Council’s powers

Judgement is a victory for the scientific governance of medicine

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Acting Judge Vuyani Ngalwana delivered an important judgment in the Gauteng High Court on 6 December. Although the case is technical and superficially obscure, the judgment has important positive consequences for our health.

Since the scandal surrounding the fake AIDS medicine Virodene in the 1990s, there has been controversy about how we legislate the use of medicines. Simply put, on the one side of the controversy are the supporters of what is called the scientific governance of medicine, the principle that the state, through the Medicines Control Council (MCC), should regulate medical claims about products based on the best available evidence. On the other side are companies that make untested or plain false health claims about the products they

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