Herbex – “Schedule 0” claim

Posted 08 August 2013

Herbex has started stating on their products, that it is a “Schedule 0” product. Our argument is that every aspect of the product packaging can be construed as advertising for the product, including colours and images. We argued that the use of “Schedule 0” was used to give the product an air of medical/therapeutic legitimacy by giving the impression that it is a medicine, when in fact based on the evidence, the product may be no more than a scam. (There is not a single study conducted on a single Herbex product confirming that the product works, and by using a negligible dose of an ingredient not proven to have any efficacy, it is clear that the product as a whole is useless. Herbex bases their claims of efficacy on the word of a retired homeopath. Scary stuff.

How did the ASA rule? “The issue Read the rest

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