Allergostop – breach ruling

Posted 31 January 2014

This ASA ruling is in response to a breach complaint arguing that AllergoStop continues to make unsubstantiated claims for its product – contrary to the previous ruling. The complainant makes the point that the claims are contrary to known science and knowledge of allergy.


[note note_color=”#effcb5″]Allergostop / HA Steinman / 22598
Ruling of the : ASA Directorate
In the matter between:
Dr Harris A Steinman Complainant(s)/Appellant(s)
Dr Liezl Voshol-Botha t/a Allegrostop Respondent[/note]

23 Jan 2014


In Allergostop / H A Steinman / 22598 (4 November 2013) the Directorate considered the respondent’s print advertisement for Allergostop, which was published in “Cape Town Get It” during September 2013. At the time, the respondent offered to amend its advertising to state that the product “may” assist, as opposed to that it does assist. This undertaking was regarded as insufficient and was rejected by the Directorate. Read the rest

1 comment to Allergostop – breach ruling

  • nadel steyn

    Proof that it works? The best proof there is, is personal experience. I for one do not care HOW it works. But THAT it worked. Where mind you all the steroid nose sprays and antihistamines and cortisone DID NOT work. My poor four year old suffered from hayfever and recurrent sinus infections constantly. Antibiotics was prescribed about every three weeks. Then we did Allergostop. It has been almost two years. Antibiotics: once. Nasal spray and antihistamine: from time to time. So no he is not cured. But a drastic improvement. That is proof enough for me.

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