USN Phedra-Cut Hardcore – No proof!

Posted 18 January 2013

USN continues to deceive consumers with either exaggerated or unsubstantiated claims. This is particularly true for their Phedra-Cut range – all making unsubstantiated weight-loss claims. There is not a single study to confirm that a single one of USN’s Phedra-cut range, has efficacy (or for that matter, most of their products), i.e., works. 

In this instance, the ASA has become aware that USN continues to claim that they will alter their unsubstantiated claims, but USN then simply generates new false claims.

It appears that the ASA have now become fed-up with USN: “Given the respondent’s apparent pattern of providing undertakings as opposed to evidence for its efficacy claims, the Directorate will consider whether or not additional sanctions in accordance with Clause 14 of the Procedural Guide should be imposed on the respondent.” 

Previous ASA rulings:

1)     USN Phedra-Cut Lipo XT / MM Davy / 20382Read the rest

2 comments to USN Phedra-Cut Hardcore – No proof!

  • ayanda

    A few years ago I lost 10kg using pedra cut and switched to another USN product and it helped tone my body in looked very fit. I fell pregant and was off it for a while am trying to lose 10kg again. I have always just taken 1 capsule in the morning five days a week and it works well, I have energy when I am at gym and work out for longer. Its been a month and have already lost,5kg of fat and am looking leaner and the tone is coming back. You would see the difference in my before and after both times I used the product. Its upsetting that there’s people saying these are false claims because I still need the product.

  • Thurston

    A few years ago I used phedra cut and worked,I could feel it,a month ago I bought phedra cut hardcore, after 60 tablets not a kg lost,even tried training harder. Very disappointing.

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