Bodytrim – ASA ruling

Posted 10 June 2013

In a ruling dated 28 August 2013, the ASA accepted a voluntary undertaking from Bodytrim to never use the Bodytrim advertising that gave rise to the dispute. As Bodytrim did not pay sufficient attention to the ASA ruling, the complainant and Bodytrim were afforded an opportunity to address the ASA on the issue of sanctions.

The ASA ruled that:

  • Bodytrim is instructed to submit all future advertising to the ACA Advisory Services, at its own cost, prior to the publication thereof.
  • Given the history of repeatedly making unsubstantiated efficacy claims as detailed above, the ASA Directorate imposes this sanction for a period of 12 months from the date of this ruling.
  • An Ad Alert will be issued to all ASA members asking them to refrain from accepting any of the respondent’s advertising unless it is accompanied by express verification from the ACA Advisory Services that it
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Bodytrim – no proof of efficacy

Posted 31 August 2012

A consumer lodged a consumer complaint against Topline Innovations’ print advertising that appeared in the Health Intelligence magazine, promoting its Bodytrim system. The advertising shows the picture of a lady in a white two piece swim suit. It is headed “MELT BODY FAT & flabby skin fast”.

In essence, the complainant submitted that he was unable to find any reputable research that proved the claims made for this product. He noted that the advertising only uses Australian testimonials (which in themselves are not regarded as substantiation), and that there may well be no evidence of efficacy for the South African population. The complainant also referred to a ruling made by the ASA in the UK against this system on the basis that the claims made were not substantiated. The ASA concurred.

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