Hormone Health Network attacks myths

Posted 10 November 2015

The Hormone Health Network has issued five fact sheets intended to counter hormone-related myths:

  • One attacks “adrenal fatigue,” a condition allegedly caused by long-term mental or physical stress.
  • Another debunks the concept of male menopause.
  • “Fountain of Youth” hormones warns against using human growth hormone or DHEA for bodybuilding, weight control, or to counteract “aging.”
  • Another notes that the hCG Diet is either ineffective, unsafe, or both.
  • Another debunks the concept of “Wilson’s temperature syndrome,” an alleged thyroid disorder invented by a Florida physician who stopped practicing after he was disciplined by his state board.

Some of the exposed myths involve diagnoses that are claimed to be an underlying cause of dozens of common symptoms for which their advocates provide hormones and/or dietary supplements. The Hormone Health Network is the patient-education resource of The Endocrine Society, the largest international group of Read the rest

HCG Diet

Posted 6 February 2013

My colleague, Professor Roy Jobson, asked me the other day if I knew of any South African public statements from the Department of Health or other authorities about the use of the “HCG diet.” This diet is advertised extensively, including in South Africa, as an effective way to lose weight.

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