Revivo Tea

Posted 24 February 2011

Revivo tea has been drawn to my attention. The advert asks: “Do YOU want to be healthy, fit and strong enough to fight off infections easily?”

The product claims: “Revivo is a combination of herbs which contain various nutrients and active compounds that may support the immune system and strengthen the body in general. 

“MAY”? Surely you the consumer can expect DOES! Why spend money on a product that “may”? And the product suggests that it may be effective against AIDS.

And what is the evidence that this product may work?

Zero actually!


On the page titled “Research” (  pseudoscientific arguments are used to give the product a sense of respectability – but let’s be blunt, there is not a single study that has evaluated this combination of herbs, in these doses, for effectiveness in humans.

Certainly in the South African situation, doing Read the rest

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