Glucoslim, Naturaslim, Thermoslim, Slimbetti

Posted 04 November 2011

An ASA ruling:
A consumer lodged consumer complaints against internet advertising for Glucoslim, Naturaslim and Thermoslim complaining about the claims made on The website explains that “Slender Max has three potent products …” and states, inter alia, as follows: “How does Thermoslim work? Thermoslim is a metabolic enhancer. With natural and clinically proven ingredients. Thermoslim is a proprietary blend of natural extracts, amino acids, vitamins and minerals designed to optimise the body’s metabolism and assist with the natural burning of fat. How does Naturaslim work? Naturaslim is a capsule based blend of Green Tea Extract and Hoodia that is designed to reduce appetite and cravings, optimise the metabolism, increase fat burning and raise the level of antioxidant Polyphenols in the body to assist in overall wellness. How does Glucoslim work? Glucoslim is a capsule based blend of Glucomannan powder derived from the Konjak root and
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