Fighter faces tough bout against supplement maker

Posted 10 July 2017

This is a real disgusting story, if the reporter is correct.

Demarte “The Wolf” Pena was suspended for using steroids, resulting in him being dumped by the sport supplement company (Biogen) for which he worked as brand ambassador. It turns out that he tested positive from steroids present in a Biogen product which he was using. In addition, there have been a number of ASA rulings against unsubstantiated claims being made for product, which Biogen continues to do in spite of the rulings.

“Biogen marketing manager Brandon Fairweather said Testoforte was not part of the company’s sport supplement range and that it was “not unusual” for products containing complex botanical materials, especially those designed to support healthy testosterone, to give rise to “a trace finding of steroidal precursors”.”

If this was true, then the product automatically becomes a Schedule 5 Category A drug!

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Drug companies facing massive lawsuit over deceptive “low-testosterone” campaigns

Posted 20 March 2017

Six sets of defendants are being sued for inappropriate marketing of testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT) with misleading claims. Separate cases have been consolidated into a master complaint that is proceeding in proceeding in Illinois Federal Court. The third amended master complaint summarizes the case this way:

“TRTs were approved for use in the treatment of a medical condition known as hypogonadism, but widely marketed by Defendants for off-label use for a condition invented by Defendants and referred to as “Low T.” . . . Defendants marketed TRTs as safe and effective for this off-label use, when in fact (a) TRTs confer little or no benefit for so-called “Low T” in the absence of”classical hypogonadism”; and (b) the drugs cause serious medical problems, including life-threatening cardiac, cerebrovascular, and thromboembolic events, for which Defendants failed to provide adequate warnings.”

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No benefits of testosterone treatments for men

Posted 22 September 2016

Researchers say there are no benefits of testosterone treatments for men.

Analysis of more than 200 studies conducted since 1950 finds no validity to drug industry’s portrayal of testosterone as akin to a miracle drug for ageing men

[quote]”The benefits and safety” of testosterone treatments, the agency [FDA] said in the order that ground the marketing campaign to a halt, “have not been established”.

Now, a group of researchers have announced that they have established the benefits: none.[/quote]

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