Advertising that misleads, curbed

Posted 10 October 2017

This article published in Die Rapport on 08 October 2017, written by Elaine Swanepoel, reports on the recent Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) where Herbex lost their attempt to prevent the ASA from impacting their advertising in the media. Herbex took the ASA to court arguing that the ASA has no jurisdiction over the unproven claims they make for their products. The High Court agreed – Herbex won. However, the ASA appealed to the SCA – Herbex lost.

Although Herbex gained some concessions, in general, it was a major loss. That is not how Herbex sees it – as reported in their media release (quoted at the end of the article), and reported on here.

The English translation (Google Translate), follows the article below

‘Reklame wat om die bos lei’ bekamp

Deur Elaine Swanepoel 08 Oktober 2017 

Die Rapport

Dit gaan in die toekoms moeiliker Read the rest

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