SmartSlim – another scam

Posted 08 April 2015



SmartSlim is another scam brought to you by Adam Turner of TopSlim. The website looks the same, the images are almost identical, as are the claims and ingredients.

Beware, big scam. See more on TopSlim.

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Topslim’s Adam Turner – Liar and scam artist

Posted 28 July 2014

We have previously pointed out that there is no evidence that Topslim works, and worse, that Adam Turner, the owner, had lied about the evidence that “experts” support his product. There has also been an ASA ruling against the product and its claims (and the owner ignores this ruling).

A visitor to CamCheck has brought to our attention that The pictures of the testimonials come from a Russian site Tanika Taylor from Kroonstad is actually Inna Volovicheva.

Topslim tanika_taylorTopSlim dieta_inna_volovicheva_2

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TopSlim – No proof

Posted 20 February 2014

A complaint was laid against the weight-loss claims of TopSlim. TopSlim also claimed to be supported, endorsed, or was based on the research of three professors. The advert claimed, among other:

  • Fast Weight Loss!
  • Scientifically proven
  • Based on the research of the most respected scientist in the world!
  • Fully tested in multiple double blind clinical studies over decades.

The complainant added that he has contacted the three experts identified in the advertising. Professor Stohs has come back to deny any knowledge of this product or the implication that he in some way endorses it. 

The owner of TopSlim appears to be Adam Turner, 76 Marley Rd., Rosebank, 7720.

TopSlim did not respond to the ASA and the ASA ruled against the advertising. The original complaint is posted at the end of the ASA ruling.

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TopSlim scam

Posted 1 October 2013

TopSlim have advertised in newspapers, and on their website, claiming among other:

  • Top Scientists gives us Natural & Fast Weight Loss
  • Finally! Scientifically tested Fast Weight Loss!
  • “. . . but now the incredible miracle herb: Garcinia Cambogia has been released! It provides the fastest, safest and most permanent weight loss solution ever!!
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