Snail gel gets squashed

Posted 15 May 2014

This article published in The Times, is old, but has only come to our attention now. It is still relevant for Glomail continues to market Celltone but without the claims previously made and ruled against by the ASA, when in fact their own research shows that the product does not work.

Scary stuff! What does this tell you about the ethics and morals of the owners of the company?

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Glomail Celltone – ASA Ruling 2

Posted 21 April 2014

A consumer laid a complaint against Celltone’s advert stating inter alia, the wording “Celltone has been on the market for over 10 years and has thousands of loyal customers.”  The ASA concluded that the complaint at hand cannot currently be properly considered and ruled on. “The Directorate is therefore not in a position to determine whether or not the removal of the claim would be an adequate resolution.”

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Glomail Celltone – product’s own study shows it does not work!

Posted 11 October 2013

We have to commend Glomail for at least putting some money into testing whether Celltone  “Regenerative gel”, that it would “… assist with the management of various skin afflictions” and that it “Helps diminish the appearance of stretch marks, scarring, spots and wrinkles” as claimed by Glomail.

However, here it gets interesting. The study done locally by Future Cosmetics appeared to Glomail to support the claims that the product works. And Mr John Knowlton of Cosmetic Solutions who has substantiated a number of other products complained to the ASA about, and previously regarded as an expert by the ASA, substantiated the product’s claims (mostly) based on this study.

However we carefully examined the findings and found that the evidence was actually against the claims! Yep, did not support the claims at all. In fact, it confirmed what we had been saying, it Read the rest

Glomail Celltone breach of ASA?

Posted 15 July 2013

An advert in a Game flyer, continued to claim that Celltone has a regenerative effect on the skin, a claim previously ruled against by the ASA. A breach complaint was laid against Glomail.

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Is Glomail’s Celltone one big scam?

Posted 15 January 2013

Is Glomail’s Celltone one big scam?

On the 25th October 2012, the ASA ruled against the proof supplied by Glomail for its Celltone product, i.e., the proof supplied was not good enough to support the claims being made for the product. However it is clear that Glomail is ignoring the ASA ruling and continues to make false claims regarding the product.

At a video commercial featuring the model Cindy Nel is shown which makes the following statements, inter alia: “Contains snail gel extract which is acclaimed for its regenerative properties. Celltone can repair tissue and regenerate the growth of new skin cells” and “the active ingredient is called allantoin which is what snails naturally produce to repair their own shells. And it works.” The context of “and it works” is not inferring that the allantoin works for repairing snails own shells but the Read the rest

Glomail iRenew Arm Bracelet

Posted 01 August 2011

A consumer lodged a consumer complaint against the advertising for Glomail’s “iRenew” bracelet, which is claimed: “Feeling week and run down? iRenew is the proven, revolutionary bracelet infused with BioField technology, that helps increase your body’s energy, strength & wellness. • The Problem: Stress to our body’s personal energy system, commonly known as the biofield, is delivered ot [sic] in many ways. From daily stress to electromagnetic radiation, these factors are now believed by many scientists and doctors to disrupt our sensitive biofield. • The Solution: Bringing your biofield to a more balanced state is believed by many to increase mental and physical performance, reinforce natural immunity to stress and enhance a sense of well-being. • How iRenew Works: iRenew® Energy Balance SystemTM products with Biofield TechnologyTM harness the natural frequencies which are everpresent in our environment and use them to tune and rebalance your biofield Read the rest

Glomail Perfect Steps shoes: No, not perfect.

Glomail has been flighting an infomercial on TV. 

The 10 minute infomercial opens with “Do you want to get in shape fast? Do you want to lose weight? How about burn calories, reduce cellulite and improve your circulation all at the same time? …” and promotes the respondent’s “Perfect Steps” shoes as “the new way to lose weight and get in shape fast, without ever stepping into the gym”. It also features testimonials of people losing weight by simply wearing these shoes.

Emphasis is repeatedly placed on the fact that there is no dieting, or exercise routine required, and that the shoes result in weight loss, centimetre loss (presented as “lose inches”), burning calories, improving circulation, alleviating pain in one’s knees and back, and improving posture.

These claims seem nonsensical, and as Glomail has previously abused consumers with the selling of many dubious weight loss products, a complaint was laid … Read the rest


This category lists complaints laid with the ASA regarding health, complimentary medicine and supplements sold by Glomail, which complainants claimed could not be substantiated. (More than 15 complaints!)

In most cases the ASA ruled in favour of the consumer, but as Glomail started finding “credible experts” willing to substantiate a product, the ruling may have gone in the favour of Glomail. In some instances, arbitration was requested with a subsequent ruling against the product.  Glomail used legal methods to prevent arbitration (legal fees would have cost at least 4 times more than the cost of arbitration!)

In some instances, the consumer did not pursue the complaint further as a result of the time or costs involved.

We will in time explain why we feel the ruling in favour of Glomail was incorrect, using science, logic and common sense!

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