TopSlim – No proof

Posted 20 February 2014

A complaint was laid against the weight-loss claims of TopSlim. TopSlim also claimed to be supported, endorsed, or was based on the research of three professors. The advert claimed, among other:

  • Fast Weight Loss!
  • Scientifically proven
  • Based on the research of the most respected scientist in the world!
  • Fully tested in multiple double blind clinical studies over decades.

The complainant added that he has contacted the three experts identified in the advertising. Professor Stohs has come back to deny any knowledge of this product or the implication that he in some way endorses it. 

The owner of TopSlim appears to be Adam Turner, 76 Marley Rd., Rosebank, 7720.

TopSlim did not respond to the ASA and the ASA ruled against the advertising. The original complaint is posted at the end of the ASA ruling.


TopSlim / HA Steinman / 22898
Ruling of the : ASA Read the rest

4 comments to TopSlim – No proof

  • Penelope Wilson

    I ordered a supply of Garcinia Cambogia at £ 2.99 . This amount was taken out of my bank account on 31/7 .

    Subsequently, on 18 August £89.99 was taken from my bank account by ” Pounds Away Products”. There was NO small print about a further amount , and I have not used the tablets- they are fully sealed. I do not want them, as I have a heart condition.

    I will post the tablets back to the Swiss address ( unless “TopSlim delivery “give me another)- and I want my £ 89.99 refunded… Help!
    What a scam. Can you suggest what I can do?
    My bank are stopping any further debits , and I have written to the site and Alan Turner!

    From P. Wilson

    • Harris

      There is little recourse except to ask your bank to reverse all. Wish I had better advice. If you were based in South Africa, I would suggest that you lay a complaint with the Consumer Commission. It may be that they will accept a complaint from people who are not based in South Africa. I urge you to lay a complaint are point out that the ASA have ruled against the claims for these products but that the company, and Alan Turner, continues to scam consumers.
      Email: [email protected]

  • Can anyone verify this website and the product for weight loss. From reading the above comments and some research on the internet I have come across the same website but now been advertised as Smart Slim… previously Top Slim.

    There are again testimonials from the same Doctor’s been published on this website

    This really seems like a scam to me!
    I even googled some of the people in the testimonials and they do not have any form of social media accounts which I find weird… The only pictures that come up are those of the Smart Slim and Top Slim websites… and yes exactly the same pictures!!!!!

    • Harris

      It does appear to be from the same scam artists who brought you TopSlim! I think that because of the ASA ruling, they are trying to get away by a name change. Thanks for alerting readers to this scam

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