Biomix breach ruling

Posted 24 January 2012

It is essential to check one's facts before laying a complaint with the ASA. In this complaint to the ASA, I stated that Biomix continued to make false and unsubstantiated claims for their products on websites. Oops, the ASA was unable to view the same URL links. Did I view website pages that were in my browser's cache? Did the website remove the pages before the ASA confirmed my complaint? Likely explanation is the former, in which case I apologise to both the ASA (for wasting their time) and to Biomix for claiming that they were still in breach of the ASA ruling. I was also under the impression that I had initially argued that "Slimming Solution" as in Biomix Slimming Solution, was misleading. Another lapse of memory. Therefore a complaint regarding this aspect has now been laid with the ASA.

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Biomix ASA breach ruling

Posted 05 October 2011

"On 18 August 2011 the complainant lodged a breach allegation against the respondent’s banners and promotional material found at a health store at the Cape Town V & A Waterfront, Nu Pharmacy in Claremont Cavendish Centre and Royal Ascot Pharmacy at Paddocks Shopping Centre. It was submitted that to date the respondent has not removed any of its offending banners or promotional items containing claims that are unsubstantiated."

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Biomix Slimming Solution – No proof!

Posted 20 June 2011

 A consumer complaint was laid against advertising appearing on the Biomix website website as well as on its product packaging. The advertising promotes the product as, inter alia, “all natural multifunctional weight loss supplements”.

The respective formulations are called “Slimming SOLUTIONS PLUS” (for the liquid formulation), and “Slimming SOLUTION CAPS” (for the capsule formulation).  In essence the complaint was that the claims regarding the product’s ability to facilitate weight loss and the implied efficacy of hoodia as an ingredient in the product are misleading and unsubstantiated. In subsequent correspondence, it was argued that Sliming Solution Plus product was tested for the presence of the claimed Hoodia, and none was detected. The ASA investigated.

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Biomix Slimming Solution

Biomix Slimming Solution Plus and Slimming Solution Caps posters are seen everywhere – could make one believe that the product must work!

Claims ". . . both scientifically and clinically engineered weight loss supplements"

But what are the facts?

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