Vigro 3-step programme . . . for pouring your money down the drain

Posted 21 May 2012

I remember as a kid, my father’s obsession with his hair-loss. I remember him spending lots of money on lots and lots of products, none which prevented further hair loss. 

Hair loss is mainly genetic. Few products have any effect on preventing further hair loss, and these assist in few specific reversible conditions.

Vigro capitalises on individuals stressed and over-anxious by hair loss, selling impossible dreams of regrowth. The advertisements claimed “Vigro 3-step programme” as “… and effective long lasting solution for thinning hair”.

In my complaint I argued that this was rubbish and impossible: ” As thinning hair is an emotive issue, people are likely to try this product out of desperation. Simply supplementing with the respondent’s vitamins will not work”.

The ASA asked Vigro for evidence that their claims were possible. Of course, they could not.

[note]UPDATE 11 October 2013: See new ASA Read the rest

56 comments to Vigro 3-step programme . . . for pouring your money down the drain

  • Missthang

    I have been using vigro 3 step for more than a year to date. I actually came across this website by chance as i was about to send an email to vigro support. I was curious as i have been using the product for such a long time should i not have seen some results by now. Guess i been duped. Done with this product. Think i was just desperate for help with thinning hair

  • axue khoases

    virgro is a ever good products which help my hair to grow now my hair is becoming thicker.
    thanks a lot

  • aziza

    i would like to know if this product works,im tempted to use it but my instictings tells me otherwise.any ideas pls

  • Harris

    I have evaluated the studies that Vigro claims proves that their product works and can say that the evidence does NOT support their claims. There is no evidence that this product works.

    • edie

      Hi im trying it for my beard, my beard is grey at a young age, they say it’s because of stress. So i hope if it can darken my beard. Think it’s safe?????

  • Shinu

    I am a medical doctor and have been using vigro products for over a year. I lost a lot of hair in 2011 when I was writing my speciality exams. I am happy with the results so far. my hair is growing faster and thicker. And will continue using their products.

  • Anne

    I would like to be informed of the ingredients of the shampoo and conditioner

  • Harris

    You can examine the ingredients and the arguments why this product is unlikely to do much for you, at:

  • jennifer

    I am using vigro’s products,I would like to know if I can still use relaxer(organic root simulator range) on my hair while using Virgo.I also need advice as my hair is very dry even though I am using the cream and leave in conditioner.

  • Harris

    We are not convinced that the product works. I suggest you contact the company to ask them as they would know the ingredients best.

  • Charmaine

    I’ve been using the Vigro hair capsules for years, and I’ve found my hairfall is greater when I missed a day or two, so for me, I think that this product works.

  • Raul

    The Vigro Shampoo contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) – which is something that has been linked to HAIR LOSS. How can a hair product that is marketed as helping regrowth contain SLS??? I have used this product with the leave-on serum and the pills for over a WHOLE YEAR and I have not seen any positive results. Also, the phone number where Vigro can be reached for enquiries is absolutely useless – given the fact that answers to any detailed questioning is simply not forthcoming. Also the people who answer the phone are somewhat patronizing.

  • Harris

    I am not suprised by Raul’s experience that Vigro does not assist hair growth. However I also cannot find documented proof that SLS causes hair loss although it can have an irritant effect. SLS is an irritant like many other detergents, with the irritation increasing with concentration.

  • renee

    My question is why do they still have it on the market if its not working, I don’t think they allowed to place something out there if its bogus

  • Harris

    Because the product was sold by one company to another, the new company regards the ASA ruling as nul and and void. So a new complaint was laid and ruled in the consumers favour. However the company has applied for condonation for a late filing of an appeal and the ASA has to decide whether the appeal can proceed or not. Technically they are therefore not supposed to be advertising. Where did you see the advert?

  • renee

    okay Harry now I understand, now tell me does anyone know y the capsules make me sleep a lot, I’ve been using them for 3 days now, but gosh ever since I started using them I just feel like jumping into bed and sleeping

  • Thinnetta van Zyl

    I need to know does Vigro Bio-Capsules cancel out your birth contol pill or is it safe to drink when iam on the pill?

  • Harris

    I do not know. I suggest that you contact the owners of the product.

  • loe

    i used vigro products for about a year and a half on and off and all i can say is it gave me results. I started using their products because i had a dandruff problem and like all products out there that claimto fix your problem i had tried them all yet my dandruff persisted so i thought it wouldnt hurt trying vigros anti-dandruff shampoo within a month of using it as specified on the package and bottle dandruff was gone and my hair had stopped breaking and shedding everytime i combed my hair. i continued using different products to moisturize my hair but kept using their shampoo atleast once a week with my hair regiment. Especially since i did not have my dandruff problem anymore. The product is not a cheap option for students so i never really tried using the whole 3step system at the same time . In 2012 sometime there i came across a special of the minipack that had all 3steps for an offordable amount so i got to try the pills and the tonic which i never bothered much with before. I used shampoo,tonic,conditioner and pills as per package instructions but felt that the extra things i used did not make much difference to my hair. My hair had already improved in length and thickness just by using shampoo and conditioner and that was always the same with each month. So when i ran out of the product i simply went back to the shampoo and conditioner. Family and friends had also noticed the change in the thickness of my hair and some were seeing me with very long hair for the first time. I have always attributed my hair loss(breakage) to stress and when my hair started being very strong ,long and my scalp was healthy i soon dismissed the possibility of me having a heredatory hairloss problem.As my understanding from reading their insert that comes with all their products,there isnt much to help with inherent hairloss if its in your genetic makeup then there is no hope. In the case of abnormal hairloss there might be hope. I moved to the United states early 2013 and have been unable to find a product that works for my hair as good as Vigro. That is just my 2cents worth.

  • honey

    I am pregnant and have been using the video shampoo. Do u know if it’s safe to use during pregnancy?

  • honey

    I am pregnant and i have been using the vigro shampoo. Do you know I’d it’s safe to use during pregnancy?

  • Harris

    No idea. Suggest you contact the manufacturer.

  • Fahim

    I want to find this shampoo to dubai please help me to find it in dubai

  • Monique

    I want to know more about the product and if the product is for all hair types. I want to know about the Shampoo, conditioner and the hair treatment that strengthens and grow the hair

    • Harris

      You will need to contact the manufacturer. We simply say that we have examined the ingredients and proof, and finding nothing convincing to make us believe that it can restore, prevent or help with hair loss. It may be a good shampoo, it may be bad.

  • Yvette

    I have been using Vigro for years, i dye my hair its always been on the dry and sometimes on the breaking side. since ive used Vigro my hair had thicken and grown so much. I do recommend the product, I tried different types of hair products and Vigro was honestly the best product for me. You see results in a few months. Im a student, i use the capsules daily and often the Bio-tonic on my hair. Im truely happy with it, just make sure to make a routine. i also found that i get ingrowing hair on my head about once a month which was another prove to me that it promotes the hair growth. every person has different hair types.But for me it works.


    I am African and i am using a Vigro capsules only its been 2 months now and i do not see any results,so i ve been wondering if its working for AFRICAN hair.Please help

  • George

    A friend has been experiencing penis erectile problems since he started using the bio capsules.Is this possible?

    • Harris

      This is an unusual reaction for I am not aware of any ingredient in the product that could cause this. But of course, since I am not the manufacturer, I do not know if they have changed the formulation. Suggest you contact the company (nativa. co. za) and ask!

  • R

    Hello,when I was young I suffered from a sickness which made me lose my hair and since my hair haven’t I have heard from virdo 3 steps I would like to know if it is a good idea to try it or it will make things worse

  • Pauline

    I started the Vigro 3 step programme several years ago. I found the shampoo really stripped my hair and left it so tangly that I stopped using it. After a while I also discontinued the conditioner, but I am an absolute believer in the capsules. I have been taking them every day for over 5 years now and my hair growth has improved and my nails have never been stronger. So for me this really works!

  • Lucy

    Can Vigro be used for children as well?

  • Jan Rabie

    Perhaps it works for women but for men with male pattern baldness it does nothing. You might as well rub water on your head or for that matter chicken SH*T.

  • Sylvia

    I am using the Vigro products and I’m very happy with the results! My hair is thick and healthy and grows much faster now.

    If you aren’t getting the results you want, maybe you should evaluate your lifestyle… NO hair product will work for you if you don’t make healthy lifestyle choices…

  • John

    I’m a guy and 24 years. I started noticing some thinning at the top of my head. Its not that much but you will only notice if you take a closer look. Bought the Vigro shampo, tonic and capsules about three day ago.Will it work for me or results may vary?

    • Harris

      There is zero proof that this product will do anything for you, except give you some extra vitamins. The evidence that this product does anything for hair growth, shows that it is not noticeable. A waste of money. Please get back to us and let us know if it does work for you.

  • Nick

    I tried it for genetic male pattern baldness hair loss and it didn’t work at all.

    My wife however tried it for either stress or hormone related hair loss and it worked for her. It’s not a miracle drug but there was a noticeable difference.

    Of course all of this in anecdotal evidence so take it as you will.

  • Sue

    Hi i have been using the capsules for 60 days – 2 capsules a day and it has worked – hair is growing on bald patches. im on the 2nd bottle of capsules. but i have also been taking Selenium tablets for the past 3 months – hairgrowth could be the Selenium tabs or Vigro or both.

  • Tracey

    Do you have to be using all three steps to see a difference or is just taking the capsules and using the tonic enough ?

  • edie

    If there is no proof, why do they still have this sh#t on the market, don’t they know that a pharmacy is overpriced!

  • candice

    I have been using the product for a month and have seen no results with hair growth only that it cleans my scalp and oily hair very well with one wash. I will continue using for another month as I want to see if there are results.

  • Desiree

    I have been using Vigro products for over 10 years. It started with hair loss due to thyroid problems. My hair stopped falling out less than before I used the products. During 3013 I was diagnosed with cancer and had to receive chemo therapy. I did not loose any of my hair in the 6 months of therapy and still have all my hair today.

  • Tyrah

    does vigro have hair type becouse i want to start using it and i am an African , so i wonder if there wont be side effects like having problem with my hair or scalp

    • Harris

      Don’t waste your money on this product – there is no proof that it works

      • Vaughan Rix

        Hi Harris

        After a head injury, the bruise left caused all my hair to fall out where it was leaving a bald patch 5cmm by 3cm on the back of my head, the hair would not grow back and remained bald as if I was shaving the patch. After three months the was no sign of hair growth. It was suggested to me to try Vigro, I had the capsules and the cream and within two weeks peach fuzz appeared and six weeks later the bald patch completely disappeared, in my case, I would have paid 3 times the amount that I did and am very thankful for their product.

        Had I read this first I might still be walking around with a bald patch – your advice would have meant nothing to me.
        Actually, it means nothing, because, in my, there is proof it works.

  • Katlego

    Whats the dosage of the 3 step pack? How many times should I use the shampoo, tonic and capsules?

  • Katlego

    Why do you think I’m wasting my money?

    • Harris

      We have investigated the ‘proof’ supplied by Vigro to the ASA and it is simply not good enough as evidence to confirm that the claims are true

  • Vaughan Rix

    A head injury I suffered caused a bruise at the back of my head, after two weeks all the hair fell out and left a bald patch about 5cm in length and 3cm high. For about three months nothing would grow there. After speaking to a friend whose mother was a hairdresser, I tried Vigro and sure enough, after two weeks I had peach fuzz coming out and in 8 weeks the bald patch completely disappeared – it was from the direct result of using their product.
    I still had some of the cream left over and a couple of years later I’ve used it to thicken my beard and again am seeing results.
    I’m very grateful for this product and would use it again and recommend others to at least try it.

  • Don

    Good day

    I’ve been started using vigro 3 step for the first time.

    I’m a guy I usely cut my hair ones a week.
    My question is can I still cut my hair every week?
    I’m scared I’m going to waste my money.

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