ASA Ruling: Slender Max Tincture

Posted 6 March 2010

Another weight loss product made by the same company making Slender Gel, simply a mix of ingredients that an individual felt that if mixed together, will result in weight loss. Of course, the usual argument applies why this product is bound to have no effect and cannot be substantiated.

The ASA agreed, no evidence that the claims can be substantiated, and the name Slender Max Tincture is misleading, i.e., cannot be used.

These are the usual argument:

  • No robust proof that the individual ingredient(s), or their dosages, can result in weight loss
  • No robust proof that the ingredient, or mix of ingredients can result in weight loss
  • No robust proof that the product is safe
  • Makes therapeutic claims which requires registration with the MCC (Medicines Control Council), but is not

In addition I argue that the name “Slender Caps” is misleading for the product has Read the rest

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