Thermography for breast cancer detection – UK ASA ruling

Posted 09 September 2015

A number of alternative health practitioners in South Africa offer this unsubstantiated test to detect breast cancer. ( see below) Considering that the test does not work adequately at all, for some patients this may result in a death sentence for it may delay the detection of a true tumour.

A complaint against an advert in the UK promoting this test was laid with the UK ASA. The UK ASA upheld the complaint, stating among other, “Cancer Research UK had concluded that there was insufficient evidence to suggest that thermography provided benefit to patients as a adjunctive tool to mammography. Because of that, and in the absence of any evidence to show that thermography could detect abnormalities indicating the early development of breast cancer and therefore aid diagnosis, locate the causes of pain, or the early stages of disease more generally, we concluded that the claims Read the rest

Breast thermography – Warning, playing with your health!

Posted 05 November 2013

At TopHealth, Breast Thermography is advertised as [quote]Breast thermography is a safe, painless diagnostic procedure that images the breasts to aid in the early detection of breast cancer.  It is both non-invasive and comfortable, using no radiation or compression.[/quote]

allergostop2TopHealth is the website of Dr. J Ford, Lynnwood Corporate Park, cnr. Sanlam & Alkantrant streets, Lynnwood, Pretoria.The ASA has also ruled that there is no evidence to support the product, AllergoStop which is prominently advertised on 

TopHealth, and in my opinion as someone working in allergy, is nothing more than a scam.

The claim continues: “By carefully examining changes in the temperature and blood vessels of the breasts, signs of possible cancer or pre-cancerous cell growth may be detected up to 10 years prior to being discovered using any other procedure”.

To convince potential clients that this method of detecting breast Read the rest