Body2Tone Weight Loss Plan

04 June 2012

Again, another product making claims that just sound too good to be true, and including a fake doctor to boot!

At their website, Body2Tone make a number of claims which if true, would make this the first product in the world to really result in weight-loss, a miracle indeed. The website claims: “”One of the most powerful and effective weight loss systems ever created” Dr Jacques Lotz.

Yep, Jacques Lotz does not appear to be a medical doctor and the claims are false for their is absolutely not a shred of proof that either the individual ingredients, or the combination thereof, can result in weight-loss.

A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA arguing that this product is no more than a scam, unless the company could supply proof that the product can work. Nil evidence worth anything, so the ASA ruled against the claims. But scams Read the rest