Healthy Nursing Tea

Posted 30 October 2016

A consumer laid a complaint against the claims for Healthy Nursing Tea, which claims among other, “Enhance the quality and quantity of your breast milk production while nursing …”, that it delivers “… a nutrient rich blend of vitamins and minerals through you and your milk …”, that it is “… infused with calming ingredients …” and that “This ancient formula has been used for centuries to boost the lactation and to sooth the digestive system in both mother and child”.

The ASA declined to make a ruling pointing out that “The objection, which is based on an incorrect assumption that advertising is required to list (cite) specific scientific reference material, therefore does not accord with the provisions of the Code”.

The product contains: Foeniculum Vulgare (Fennel); Anise Seeds and Nettle Leaf Tea, “all of which are categorised as “Galactagogues”, known to promote lactation Read the rest