ASA sanctions against Revivo tea

Posted 12 January 2012

In Revivo Tea / M Low / 18020 (21 October 2011) the ASA Directorate ruled that the respondent’s website was in breach of earlier rulings against the respondent’s advertising. The reason for this finding was largely because of claims and testimonials again making references to the product’s effect on the user’s HIV status, their CD4 count and their viral load.

Both parties were afforded an opportunity to comment on whether or not sanctions in terms of Clause 14 of the Procedural Guide were appropriate.

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ASA Ruling: Revivo Tea

Posted: 21 October 2011

In Revivo Tea / M Low / 18020 (8 September 2011) the Directorate accepted the respondent’s voluntary undertaking to withdraw or amend its advertising in a manner that addresses the concerns raised by the complainant. The undertaking was accepted for the respondent’s advertising on its website which promoted the Revivo Herbal Tea. The issue related to certain testimonials used by the respondent, which made reference to the products effect on the user’s HIV status, their CD4 count and their viral load.

The complainant specifically identified the following examples, which the respondent undertook to remove: “I started using Revivo capsules after I found out I was HIV positive in October last year. In November I bought a bottle. After 3 bottles of one month supply I did a second test for cd4s and viral loads. In October my cd4 was 185 and viral loads was Read the rest

Revivo Tea, again! ASA ruling

Posted 15 September 2011

This company continues to deceive consumers. This is not the first ASA ruling to go against them. Makes one wonder who the owner of this product is!

This is the distributors website,, which sells “5 Port Electroacupuncture Machine”, other acupuncture materials, and “Magnets and Press seeds”.

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Revivo tea – ASA ruling, again.

Posted 06 July 2011

In Revivo Tea / P Linzer / 13898 (20 August 2009) the Directorate accepted the respondent’s voluntary undertaking to close the websites, and on condition that they were not used again in future. The Directorate also ruled that the respondent submitted no independent verification from a credible expert in this field to show that its product, as a whole, has any effect on HIV and AIDS. The ASA Directorate investigated the complaint as a possible breach of the previous ruling for ongoing ads being placed in the form of an “Ads by Google” below the editorial content. 

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The Revivo rip-off

Posted 7 June 2011

An excellent article by Marcus Low on Revivo Tea, and published on Quackdown!

“There is no good reason to think that Revivo confers any survival benefit to HIV-positive people. Yet, there is a fascinating survival story to tell here – the story of how Revivo’s brand of AIDS quackery has survived despite the Advertising Standards Authority ruling against them in 2009.”

The article continues on Quackdown!

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Revivo Tea, Google AdWords and AVUSA

Posted 31 May 2011

“I found an ad I objected to on the website of a leading South African media group. The ad promoted a herbal concoction which, according to testimonials on the website the ad linked to, could be sued to treat the symptoms of AIDS. The ad had been served by Google’s AdWords. I then complained to AVUSA, the owners of the site I saw the ad on, Google, who served the ad and to the South African Advertising Standards Authority.”

indra de lanerolle takes on Google and AVUSA. 

See also the previous ASA rulingd against Revivo Tea.

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Revivo Tea

Posted 24 February 2011

Revivo tea has been drawn to my attention. The advert asks: “Do YOU want to be healthy, fit and strong enough to fight off infections easily?”

The product claims: “Revivo is a combination of herbs which contain various nutrients and active compounds that may support the immune system and strengthen the body in general. 

“MAY”? Surely you the consumer can expect DOES! Why spend money on a product that “may”? And the product suggests that it may be effective against AIDS.

And what is the evidence that this product may work?

Zero actually!

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