Slimmintz – no proof that it slims

Posted 22 March 2012

Slimmintz placed an advert in the Rooi Rose claiming that the product will result in weight-loss. Unlikely. When confronted with a request for proof, the “respondent disputed the veracity of the complaint, but added that it sees no purpose in defending the complaint.”  Yep. 

” The respondent submitted that there is advertising that had already been booked prior to the objection which cannot be amended, however that all further advertising will not include the offending claims.”

In other words, “we cannot prove that this product works, but we will continue making this claim in advertising already booked, and then continue selling the product but just change our claims a little”.

This is the nonsense sprouted on their website:

“SlimMintZ contains natural ingredients which assist with weight loss by:
1. Increasing your adrenaline levels which promotes an increase in your metabolism.
Therefore helps burn fat without
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