Kangmei Slimming Capsules – ASA ruling

Posted 01 June 2012

This ruling is interesting for it illustrates that if an ASA complaint is not constructed correctly, then the ASA cannot consider the merits of the complaint, and will reject it.

Note: I have evaluated the claims and the ingredients and there is no proof that this product can result in the extraordinary claims being made for it. Claiming that no dieting is required reeks of a scam product. A new (and correctly argued) complaint has been laid with the ASA.  

Update: 06 November 2012: Dangerous substance hidden in Kangmei


Kangmei Slimming Capsules / HA Steinman / 19718
Ruling of the : ASA Directorate
In the matter between:
Dr Harris Steinman Complainant(s)/Appellant(s)
Eyeota Traders cc t/a Leangenie Respondent

29 May 2012

Dr Steinman lodged a consumer complaint against website advertising appearing on, inter alia, the following websites:

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67 comments to Kangmei Slimming Capsules – ASA ruling

  • Lungsta

    Very interesting, do you have any details about new complaint that’s been lodged?

  • Harris

    The ASA have not yet made a ruling on the new complaint.

  • Cris

    Have there been any investigations on the actual pill and whether or not they are safe to use? I took these capsules and believe it or not, they worked like a bomb, however, I was a little concerned so I did some research on the internet as I was a little worried considering they cost only R30 for 24 capsules and they have a greater effect than most slimming capsules that people spend a large amount of money on, and I was shocked to see that there were no professional websites and it just did not look trustworthy. A friend of mine who works in suppliments told me that they mess with your organs. Im just a little concerned and would like to know if there have been any lab tests on the actual pill.

  • Harris

    You are absolutely correct. There is no evidence that this product is safe, contains the ingredients it claims to, or has efficacy for most people. For all we know, it may contain scheduled and risky scheduled substances. We have absolutely no idea.

  • Charlene

    One of my colleagues complained about heart palpatations and headaches when she used this pill. There are so many that wants to try these capsules but are not sure, are there any people who has experienced the same symptoms.

  • Lungsta

    I also bought a pack from a reliable person, and I started having hallucinations, dizziness, heart palpitations. I thought these would be over in a few days, as I was loosing weight. I then read about the tablets online, and realized that there is no way in which you can certain of what you’re putting in your body with these tables, and there’s so many websites that try to tell you which ones are fake and which aren’t. Either way the fact that no scientific evidence exists = Stay Away.

  • Albert

    Although I am using it I am concerned that there are no or not enough scientific evidence on this product in SA. You can find some information on websites but it is vague discussions from mostly distributors or agents wanting to make a quick buck. It does reduce weight to a certain extent. It has contained me from eating too much and suppress your eating habits to a point where you only eat when you are hungry. It also makes you urinate with a little difficulty at first but if you take in lots of liquids it becomes better in time. It does make you thirsty though and as I am a workaholic I do forget to take in enough liquids during the day. Although I eat Weetbix every morning one thing it did to me is constipate me at first. But I found that as soon as I take in some or a lot of liquids I would need a toilet in a hurry sometimes not even checking if toilet paper is available because of the push. However I am also wondering if the Asian people who manufactures this product so keenly sold in the West now are actually using it themselves. If all of them are using it and they are still walking around alive now selling it to South Africans then it speaks for itself somehow. The irony though is that I am a liquor store owner but I have never been a drinker my whole life. Why? because I do not want to consume what I am supposed to sell to make a profit! It also speaks for itself. We do need some more Western information on this thing. The thing is also I am a type 2 diabetic and my doctors have not found anything strangely wrong with me yet. Instead they say I am good. So I wonder should I tell them about Kangmei ? maybe become an “Asian” distributor to them and stop using Kangmei!

    • Megan Nortier

      These pills are rumored to contain sibutramine, which is almost the same as phentermine. It works. The side effects of sibutramine is dry mouth, thirsty, dizziness etc. Think of pills such as Duromine, Reductil, Nobese. The same thing. This pill apparently just contains it illegally, much like Simply Slim that time.

  • carmen

    I tried taking these pills but found they made me feel very sleepy , dizzy and not in control like i was on some made me very thirsty…….not a nice feeling.

  • marieta

    ek drink tans die kangmei en het vinnig 5kg verloor- ja ek voel dors, maar so what drink water of bly vet. dit raak my nie regtig of leanjenie verkeerd adverteer van verloor sonder oefening en alles nie – feit is ek wil maer word- is dit nie maar net jaloerse verskaffers wat blaf nie? indien dit medies bewys word dat dit baie ongesond is sal ek graag ingelig wil wees en ophou om dit te gebruik. Maar almal weet coke is ongesond en tog drink ons dit, grandpa poeiers is ongesond en tog drink mense dit?

  • Michelle

    Hi have been using the capsules for 2 months, i lost a lot of weight but am however concerned about the effects. I have heart palpatations, feel dizzy, extremely thirsty, sometimes my kidney pains, because i am very busy during the day i eat very little, recently i have started feeling nauseous. I am concerned about the after effects and there is not enough information about this product.

  • Karen

    Ek is nuwe “user” Skraap nog moed bymekaar om dit te begin drink! Maar soos Marieta se… Ons vermy nie als wat sleg is vir ons nie. So, tensy iemand my keer, dink ek gaan ek dit probeer. Die wat het, het resultate gesien! So, here it goes! Ek sal baie graag ook wil weet as daar fout is met die goed!

  • Marlene

    Hi. I tried the Kangmei after my aunt lost over 30kg’s with it. I lost 8 kg in less than 2 months . I did not exercise. Just ate healthier foods and drank 3 liters of water every day.

  • Lezaan

    Hi. ek het so rukkie terug ‘n e-pos omtrent die pille ontvang en oorweeg dit sterk om dit te probeer. Waar koop ek dit en wat kos dit? Dink die feit dat dit jou dors maak kan net voordelig wees aangesien ‘n mens dan sodoende sommer meer water drink of hoe? Is daar nog mense wat kan getuig dat dit wel werk en dat hulle nog okay is?

  • Ray Jacobs

    I bought the first pack in Chinatown in Ottery Cape TOwn, and after drinking loads of water, I easily lost about 5kg in a month……thereafter I have been buying the capsules, and I am not thirsty, nor have I lost any weight….almost as if the tablets are completely different.

  • Vasti

    Daar is so baie mense wat dit gebruik, sien ek nie harde bewyse dat dit wel iemand al skade aangerig het nie. Onthou ‘n vet mens wat gewoond is aan vet kosse eet gaan natuurlik die eerste week simpel voel want jou liggaam kry ‘n skok om gesond te probeer eet en baie water te drink. DIE WAARHEID MAAK SEER.

  • Harris

    Foutiewe berekenning. Onthou Simply Slim, mense het die selfde argument gehad.

  • Riana

    ekke dit ook gebruik en het 17kg verloor in 4mnde en kan wel getuig daar is baie fake’s e die mense wat kla het gegaan vir die gudkopers en dis die fake… Dun jou huiswerk eers en kry die regte ene… ekke is baie gelukkig en voel gud.. dit my geleer water drink en het my baie energie gegee. Ekke is n diabeet en Asma lyer… en nog iets dit my hare laat groei.. ekke het alles probeer om my hare wat uitval te red! en so waar die produk het my hare laat groei en dit val nie meer uit nie. Dankie vir die ware Kangmei produk…. die ware produk lyk so camel kleur en smooth en ruik soos kruie… die pakkie bevat 24 tablette en die kleur van die pille is wit en groen (donkdergroen) die boonste gedeelte waar jy die pille uitdruk is goud en die naam Kangmei slimming capsels gekryf… die onderste gedeelte is silver! die foilie pakkie waarin die pillle is… daar is groen tekens op, maar nie groot ni en die foilie is goeie kwaliteit ni soos papier ni…. so ekke julle baie gegee om te ondersoek gaan kyk of joune die selfde lyk…


    fantasties! ek het die real deal! dankie riana… ek drink dit nou ‘n week, nog nie eintlik ‘n verskil gesien nie! maar ek weet dis te vroeg! so bly dit het goed gewerk vir jou!

  • princess

    I jst started using the capsules I wll give it 2 months then I wll come back with my conclusion

  • Pretty

    they working for me , except that lm concerned that they leave my mouth miserably dry and my teeth having this cracking feeling which very uncomfortable

  • SHanaaz

    This is my first day and i hope that i loose the weight. Yes my mouth is dry but if i loose the weight then gr8

  • princess

    I knw I said I wll come back after 2 months with my progress bt I cudnt wait happy to say I lost so far 4kilos and am so happy even though my lips get dry am happy its Nt even 2 months bt am losing a lot and I hv been taking it 4 abt 3 weeks

  • Sonja

    Wat van die hart palpitasies?? Ondervind almal dit?? En is dit van die fake pille of die ware jakob??

  • angiex

    hi.. I’m also on the kangmei slimming capsules… everything is right on the box… but inside of the capsule it is white… that is fake!


    Sonja, ek kry geen hartpalpitasies nie. Dalk moet jy maar jou dokter raadpleeg. Lees ook nie van dit as een van die newe-effekte nie! Wees eerder bangjan…

  • Ceds

    the product works. for years we have been made to believ that the pharmacy drugs are the real McCoys. They’re not. And those complaining are afraid that simple natural products like these will make their products look expensive and inferior. Research the ingredients. I drink 2 cups of green tea a day, and you can tell the difference. The weight comes off naturally. Drink loads of water. These herbs are detoxifying. Water will flush out toxins. Its your body’s natural reaction. Eat regularly but small meals. This will keep your metabolism going. So for rapid but healthy results, a little excercise (15 min walk) at least 2l of water, 4-5 small meals with very little fat and sugar. Avoid the white carbs and eat loads of fibre. You will look and feel great in 4 weeks.

  • nicole

    i started using the capsules yesterday and i hv been feeling really dizzy, nauseous and imbalanced generally… not a good feeling but i hope i will lose the weight.

  • Harris

    @Ceds (and others)
    This is not a natural product. I have had the product analyzed and it contains a high risk pharmacy drug. More to come, will post the results soon! Please stop using this product.

  • ceds

    @ Nicole:I believe the dizziness is as a result of the detox process. It shouldnt last longer than 3 days. Once your body gets used to the effects, you will be ok. You will use the bathroom a lot. It stops and then you will go less. Just be sure to drink lots of water. Let me know how this goes.
    @Harris: looking forward to your post

  • Harris

    “dizzy, nauseous” are some of the symptoms of the high risk pharmacy drug.

  • Stompie

    Harris – any news on the tests yet?

  • Marlene

    Artikel in Beeld… Kangmei IS gevaarlik!

    Gevaarlike middel skuil in Kangmei

    Oorgewig mense wat die “kruie”-verslankingsmiddel Kangmei drink, kry dalk onwetend voorskrifmedisyne in wat gevaarlik is vir mense met hart- en ander gesondheidsprobleme.

    Dié Chinese middel word deur honderde agente en webwerwe verkoop as “100% natuurlik”, maar toetse wat Beeld en ’n Kaapse dokter daarop laat doen het, toon dit bevat sibutramien.

    “Die vroue glo daarin soos die Bybel, maar dit het my man se bloeddruk so die hoogte in laat skiet (220/100 mmHg) dat ons dokter toe moes gaan,” het ’n 47-jarige vrou van Lephalale (Ellisras) vertel. In haar omgewing verkoop dit glo soos soetkoek.

    Sibutramien is sowat drie jaar gelede in die verslankingsmiddel Simply Slim gekry. Dié maatskappy het miljoene rande se voorraad verkoop, maar is in Februarie 2010 deur die Suid-Afrikaanse Medisynebeheerraad (MBR) opdrag gegee om alles aan die mark te onttrek.

    Nadat dr. Harris Steinman van Kaapstad klagtes oor Kangmei ontvang het, het hy ’n dosie in die forensiese toksikologie­laboratorium van die Universiteit van Pretoria se departement van chemie laat ontleed. Dit het sibutramien bevat.

    Ene Janet van Pretoria, die agent by wie Steinman Kangmei gekoop het, het aan Beeld gesê dit kom van ’n Chinese winkel. Sy beweer sy het intussen opgehou om dit te verkoop omdat mense newe-effekte gekry het.

    Beeld het daarna Kangmei gekoop deur webwerwe waarop die bemarkers daarop roem dat hulle die “ware” Kangmei verkoop en dat mense moet oppas vir “vervalste” Kangmei van Chinese winkels en markte.

    Dit is egter ook positief getoets vir sibutramien.

    Sue Wahl van was baie geskok oor die bevinding, maar is te “bang’’ om Beeld te sê waar sy haar voorraad kry. Sy het gesê sy weet sibutramien kan slegs met ’n doktersvoorskrif bekom word en sy sal dit nie wetend gebruik of aan die publiek verkoop nie. Sy het haar verkope dadelik gestaak.

    Shirley Hanson van www. het aan Beeld gesê sy koop haar Kangmei by plekke in Crown Mines. Sy het “geen idee” waar dit vervaardig word of wie dit invoer nie, maar glo die verkope is “massief”.

    Hanson sê sy “toets” haar produkte deur dit self te drink en te kyk na die kleur van die inhoud en die verpakking. Sy het bevestig MBR-inspekteurs het onlangs beslag gelê op haar voorraad en sou dit toets.

    Benewens verskeie webwerwe is daar minstens 200 Suid-Afrikaners wat Kangmei op Facebook smous.

  • Ann

    Ek het so twee maande terug begin met Kang Mei en dit het so drie weke terug begin werk, maar ek kry dieselfde simptomes: Duiselig en naar. Nou het ek in Beeld gelees dit bevat Sibutramien. Baie hartseer, want noudat ek iets gekry het wat werk, is dit toe nou nie so goed vir die langtermyn nie.

  • Harris

    Update: As stated before, Kangmei contains a hidden, highly risky, scheduled substance.
    Dangerous substance hidden in Kangmei

  • Belinda


    “WARNING: dangerous ingredient illegally hidden in Kangmei slimming capsules. For those of you who recall the Simply Slim debacle 2 years ago, well its happened again: Kanmei slimming capsules contain sibutramine, a schedule 5 medicine banned in Europe, and only allowed on prescription in SA. It can cause strokes, heart attacks, and heart damage. If you are taking the product, STOP! All the best, Brent – SOLAL pharmacist.” (Quote)
    This article from the Beeld newspaper:

  • Malinda

    Ek sal net graag wil weet, bevat al hulle produkte Sibutramien. Ek het “Fruit and vegetable waist and abdomen slimming” tablette, is bang om dit te gebruik. En wat van hulle slimming tea?

  • Harris

    We did not test all their products but it is very possible – rather stay away.

  • Harris


    Jy kan die volgende mense kontak.
    Laat my weet of jy sukkessvol is, asb.

    889 Ramanamane St Viljoenskroon South Africa Health (Viljoenskroon)
    Phone: 056 3433337
    Voortrekker Sq Denyssen St South Africa
    Moqhaka Municipality (Viljoenskroon)
    Phone: 056 3439400

  • Bianca

    Dis eintlik vir my hartseer!! wat moet ek gebruik?? ek oefen my dood maar ek verloor nie gewig nie.. ek wou ook Kangmei gebruik het, nou twyfel ek of ek regtig moet??

  • Vera

    Hi im a huge Kangmei fan and ive got all my friends on it, well its worked for me with NO side effects at all.ive managed to lose 12kgs in 10 weeks about, i use the slimming cream aswell, i love it…But must admit one friend said it took her period away,another said she had more period pain and bleeding more then usual.But u not supposed to use when menstruating anyway, i decided i would and my period lasted 2 days as opposed to my normal 3 days. so i guess diffrent strokes for different folks, iv tried so many expensive script drugs that make u high, dizzy, aggressive etc etc, and sooo much money being made on this u might aswell legalize street drugs, To me Kangmei works, and im stocked up before u people ripp it from us us.x

  • RIKA

    Sibutramine word nog steeds in voorskrifmedisyne gebruik en is die verkope daarvan nie opgeskort nie. Alle medikasie het newe-effekte kyk veral na verskeie bloeddrukmedikasie asook Zyban se newe-effekte en vra dan vir jouself die vraag hoekom word daar so bohaai gemaak oor Kangmei wat sibutramine bevat. As dit werk vir mense wat baie oorgewig is kan dit tog net goed doen. Want om oorgewig te wees beteken dat jy in elk geval hartprobleme asook diabetes en selfs nier probleme kan ontwikkel. Ek glo sekere groot farmaseutiese maatskappye verloor dalk geld in hierdie proses en daarom die groot ophef. As die middel wel so dodelik was hoekom word die Skedule 5b medikasie wat dit bevat dan nog steeds verkoop. Dit sou dan tog beter wees om ‘n plaasvervanger vir hierdie medikasie te kry. Kyk na die voubiljette in meeste medikasie en let verval op na die groot aantal newe-effekte wat het. Volgens my is Kangmei se newe-effekte dan maar gering teen meeste ander medikasie beskikbaar.

  • Gerda

    Ek het die produkte aangekoop met die doel om ‘n agent te word, ‘n ruk gelede, maar die produkte aan die ‘verspreider’ terug gestuur omdat hy my nie ‘n skriftelike waarborg kon gee dat sy produkte veilig is om te gebruik nie. Hy roem daarop dat hy slegs die gemerkte kangmei-produkte verkoop, maar slegs die goue pakkie se tablette is gemerk – nie die rooi pakkie nie. Hy weier nou om my geld terug te gee nadat ek die produkte binne ‘n week na hom terug gestuur het. Wees asb baie versigtig by wie julle die produkte aankoop.

  • Harris

    Sibutramine is a drug with very severe side-effects. It can kill users. Hence it is a Schedule 5 – so that doctors are forced to examine potential users and only prescribe the product to individuals who are at low risk and to monitor them while on the drug. Purchasing the product without this precaution places consumers at very high risk and possibly death. This has nothing to do with protecting the commercial interests of Big Pharmaceutical companies.

  • kogie

    i had beast cancer in 2010. is it safe , plse let me know

  • Harris

    I would not trust this product

  • Lungsta

    Guys, it is NOT SAFE!!! Finish and Klaar. Read Harris’ updates…

  • RIKA


    Thanks for the comment from your side although you did not make any mention of so many other drugs with side-effets as well, especially Zyban as a Schedule 5 medication which also killed more than 18 people in the UK apparently and was also banned in the UK. If we look at dangerous substances in medication in general it will be very difficult to consider any drug as safe.

    If I ask my doctor to monitor my usage of Kangmei or to monitor my usage of the S5 medication (also with the dangerous sibutramine substance) it will be the same because both contain the dangerous substance. So any person at high risk of a cardiovascular diseases should not use Kangmei but also many other drugs as well. Where do you draw the line. My husband got very sick of medication prescribed for high blood pressure and was forced to stop the medication and he start to use only natural products with excellent results. (Vit B6).

  • MDV- Just Saying

    I do not mind what I use as long as I lose weight. … Seems a bit edgy to say this but Kangmei did not work for me but it worked for my husband. Therefore, whatever works 🙂 for you whether fad or fab… it is affordable it is easily obtainable and seems to rattle the medical associations, now the medical associations like to take on the herbal markets as well? Soon we all will be fat people working hard for our livings no time for exercise and oh yeah all forms of slimming even herbal removed from the shelves……….. Seriously have a solution for our problems then take away our current answers!!!!!

  • Mhikiza

    I started using Kangmei 5 days ago and i have lost 2kg already.. drink lots of water though of which is good….

  • Yolly

    Started using Kangmei yesterday. Feel little dizzy as soon as I take it in the morning, but guess it is part of the detoxing (actually hoping it is). Really looking forward to losing weight as I have an underactive thyroid and have picked up 18 kgs in 8 months. Very depressed, but hey am really looking forward to loose some weight as it is really a problem getting rid of the kilos as I was always a very sporty and active person. Have tried everything already and am sceptical of certain medications as it can clash with my thyroid medication. Exercising, but to no avail… Am really hoping that I will loose at least between 10 – 15 kgs with kengmei. Will keep you updated on the progress.

  • Shelly

    Hi can anyone tell me if its the which tablets contain the sibutramine? The tablets with the white stuff inside or the tablets with the brown stuff inside? I too have an underactive thyroid and started taking the tabs yesterday, I have had no dry mouth, no dizzyness and I am starving so its obviously not the real Kangmei that I am taking! I would really appreciate any response to my question.
    Thanks so much!!

  • MDV- Just Saying

    @Shelly – Kangmei is herbal thus the “stuff” inside must be brown. Further everyone reacts differently to different products so don’t look for similar symptoms or effects. Most pills only works after 1 month my son and husband lost 10 kilos each over a period of 3 months and they’re keeping it of… me on the other hand in the first month I only lost cm’s no kilos but the pills did not ever really work for me.

  • amanda

    i have started using these KANGMEI SLIMMING CAPSULES 2 days ago and my goal is a month,so wish me luck… i need to loose the weight urgently!!!

  • Shelly

    @Amanda. Good luck and let me know how you get on. I have stopped the tabs as they just were not working for me so I will be very interested to know how you get. Good Luck xx

  • Louise

    Hi julle….ek is bietjie confused. Ek gebruik steeds Kangmei maar dit voel eweskulik as dit nie meer werk nie want eversince al die gossip die ronte begin doen het, drink ek steeds my Kangmei MAAR verloor niks ! Inteendeel het opgetel. Ek wonder as ek Slimbetti moet begin gebruik? Is daaar enige iemand wat my kan raad gee?

  • Harris

    All hulle goed, Slimbetti ook, is ‘n scam

  • Busie

    Guys Ive got a feeling that this is gonna help me, I tried sooo many expensive things but they didn’t work. I only started yesterday, I’ll come back after a month with the resuls. Safe or no safe I just wanna loose weight!!!!

  • Thuli

    Shoo Guys I am now stressing. I have been on protein diet for 8 days and I have lost 4 kilos but its a lot of hard work. I will give this pill a try even though I am nervous now and I will keep you updated next week. I do not want to die


    is it save to use if you having high blood presure?

  • ray

    I have used it before with great success. I have picked up the weight 2 years later, so will be starting it again.

  • Nadia Marry

    I used it for a while in 2012 possibly 2 months, I lost alot of weight and then put some back on the following July,I used the product again in August 2013 and was also on antibiotics for the Flu I landed myself in hospital with bad abdomen pains which was said to e because the antibiotic was too strong for me. I developed IBS. I did not disclose Keng mei to my doctors however one doctor said he noticed something odd in my blood and said it looked like my red(could be white i wasn’t taking note) blood cells looked starved. he asked me if i was dieting and i denied it. 2 years later(situation right now) I bought myself another pack and wondering if it will hurt me if i use it for just 1 month.

    • Harris

      According to our information, this product contains a banned substance which is of high risk to you. Avoid.
      You also illustrate the problem with taking diet pills – you will develop yo-yoing (weight-cycling), where you cannot keep the weight control. It is therefore important to change the way you eat permanently, i.e., develop a way of eating that is healthy and sustainable. Recommend seeing a dietitian.

  • Elize

    I had pulmary embolesim (not sure of spelling) in 2014. Is it safe for me to drink, please!

  • Althea

    I used this in 2015, the one with white powder, and it works very well, however the one with brown powder does nothing,
    please can someone tell me where I can but the one with white powder.

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