Nycomed-Dona – ASA ruling

Posted 18 January 2013

On 16 August 2012, the ASA held that the claims made by the respondent in its advertising was unsubstantiated and in breach and in breach of Clause 4.1 of Section II: “… DONA ® has been clinically proven to not only aid in the reduction of pain, inflammation and swelling of affected joints in OA, but also to improve mobility and prevent further progression of OA”.  Nycomed-Dona submitted new substantiation in terms of Clause 4.1.7 of Section II. The ASA accepted the new evidence and the previous ruling was therefore overturned and Nycomed-Dona may continue using the claim.

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Nycomed-Dona – does it work?

Posted 16 August 2012

A consumer laid a complaint against print advertisements promoting Nycomed’s “DONA” range of products formulated to treat osteoarthritis (OA). The advertisements appeared in the Sunday Times during March 2012. The complainant submitted that “… based on current scientific evidence, it is impossible to make such a definitive statement about reduction of pain, inflammation and swelling”. He added that “None of the evidence supplied supports the claim that Glucosamine Sulphate will ‘prevent further progression of OA’.”  

The ASA agreed feeling that the evidence was insufficient. 

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