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Ionised water – any health benefits?

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Posted 25 October 2017

Ionised water products often make health claims claiming benefits over regular water.

South African products include website-linked promotions, for example at:

  • Alkaline Water Ionizer http://alkalinewaterionizer.co.za
  • Designer Water http://designerwater.com
    “Alkaline Water Scientific Research And Studies Prove How Effective This Kind Of Water Really Is”
  • Mc Alkion Water http://www.mcalkionwater.co.za
    “our water contains: Mc (Micro Clustered) Alk (Alkaline) ion (ionized) water”
    “Drinking alkaline rich ionized water helps the body to replenish the necessary alkaline minerals and assists in bringing balance to a body that is overly acidic. Some of the long terms side effects of overly acidic blood are arthritis, rheumatism, osteroperosis, hyper tension, gout, heart disease, cancer to name a few. If your blood is alkaline you should live long and full lives generally free from illness and disease of all kinds.”
  • Cure http://www.cure.co.za/water-ionizer.htm
  • Generosity Water Alkaline Water

  • Happy Water by Absolute Organix https://www.faithful-to-nature.co.za/happy-water
    Happy Water is a
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