Repcillin – ASA breach ruling

Posted 01 June 2012

A breach complaint was laid against the Repcillin’s website, arguing that through the testimonials on its website, the respondent continued to make claims that give the impression that the product is effective for a range of skin conditions, and some contrary to the ASA regulations governing testimonials.

 The breach allegation was upheld, with no additional sanctions imposed on the respondent other than the immediate withdrawal of the offending material.  

  Repcillin / HA Steinman / 19382
  Ruling of the : ASA Directorate
  In the matter between:
  Dr Harris Steinman Complainant(s)/Appellant(s)
  Repcillin cc Respondent

31 May 2012

In Repcillin / H Steinman / 19382 (23 January 2012) the Directorate accepted the respondent’s voluntary undertaking to withdraw or amend its website advertising in a manner that addresses the concerns raised, the undertaking is accepted without considering the merits of the matter, on condition that the claims Read the rest

3 comments to Repcillin – ASA breach ruling

  • Harris

    Sorry, but this product is a scam!, January 9, 2012
    By Frank “Frank Flambeau”
    This review is from: Repcillin Crocodile Oil Starter Pack (Health and Beauty)
    Long time psoriasis sufferer here. I saw this product and a video (which in retrospect looks faked) and bought almost $100 worth of the product. It had ZERO effect on my skin problems but my wallet is much lighter. When I showed it to my dermatologist, he laughed and said, “What do you expect? All it consists of is beeswax, and a couple of seed oils. Crocodiles are not people and their “oil” has never been scientifically tested. You got taken by a snake oil con man.” Boy, was he right. Note too that the “manufacturer” (an unlicensed company out of South Africa, no less) has no money back guarantee. I emailed them and they basically laughed at me when I told them I wanted a refund. Somebody (like the food and drug administration) should investigate these scammers. If I could, I would rate this product zero (or minus) stars. It’s worthless.

    It just didn’t work. January 17, 2013
    By Diane Amazon Verified Purchase
    I used the product diligently for 2 weeks and had no results. 🙁 It was a total waste of money.

  • Anita

    I cannot believe Repcillin landed up here. It is a great product and it works!

    As with many things, what works for the one might not necessarily work for the other, we are all unique. It was stated on the website that it might not work for everyone. What is wrong with this statement? It is an honest statement.

    It worked for us, it worked for our dogs.

    Repcillin has been on the market for years, now this?? Unbelievable.

  • Harris

    It is possible that Repcillin may work for you and some of your friends. But does it work for 1% of users, or 5% or 90%? No one knows for no study has been done. So it is fair to claim, e.g., that it is effective for eczema if there is no proof that it may be beneficial for no more than 5% of users?

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