Nutribullet Nutribullsh*t?

Posted 25 September 2015

The NutriBullet claims to be “the superfood nutrition extractor“, “transforming ordinary food into superfood and adding years to your life!”. At the South African website of this product, the product claims “don’t juice it, don’t blend it, extract it!” – in other words, claiming not to be just a juicer but something with special powers.

The product claims the following benefits: “AMAZING results: Can Increase Energy; Can Improve Sleep; Can Reduce Stress; Can Improve Digestion”

Only one large problem – this makes no physiological or scientific sense. The Checkout (‘The Checkout is consumer affairs TV for the twenty first century offering a revolutionary new wonder diet of information and entertainment that’s clinically proven and 26% fat free’) takes a light hearted look at the extraordinary claims being made for this product, and why they are simply physiologically speaking, nonsensical.

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