Bio-Strath – a nutritional supplement or a medicine?

Posted 30 May 2013

This is an ASA ruling that is difficult to fully read or understand. In essence, Prof Roy Jobson originally appealed an ASA Directorate decision to not rule on the description of Bio-Strath as “a herbal wholefood supplement”. He asserted this description was misleading because, given the medicinal claims Bio-Strath was making, it is a medicine within the definition of “medicine” as defined in the Medicines and Related Substances Act and therefore may not be described as a “herbal wholefood supplement”. Prof Jobson therefore appealed the decision to not rule on this. Bio-Strath then stated that they would change the description to “daily nutritional supplement” and suggested that that would meet Prof Jobson’s concerns and there would be no need to “waste the appeal committee’s time.” The appeal was referred to the Advertising Standards Committee, who ruled that it was acceptable to refer to the product as Read the rest

Bio-Strath – ASA ruling

Posted 11 March 2012

Prof Jobson lodged a consumer complaint against the Bio-Strath's website advertising ( and which contained the following claims:

“Bio-Strath may be taken to: • Counteract exhaustion, fatigue and exam stress • Build resistance to colds and infections • Speed up recovery in convalescence • Improve general well-being and concentration • Provide stamina for intensive work, study and sport • Cope with stresses and strains of modern living • Regulate digestion • Assist in overcoming skin complaints • Strengthen the nervous system • Combat physical and mental tiredness and nervous tension • Restore health and vitality to adults and children • Restore body vitamins where deficiency has been caused by antibiotic therapy.”

On the page dealing with “Children” it refers to “The effects of a food supplement in the behaviour of children with attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) (Pädiatrie, January 1/2006)” and briefly highlights the Read the rest

Bio-Strath – ASA Ruling

Dr Gosling lodged a consumer complaint against a Bio-Strath Elixir print advertisement that was published in the Weekend Argus newspaper during August 2008. The advertisement states, inter alia, “76% Improvement in ADD/ADHD symptoms”.

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