2012 Slim Chance Awards announced

Posted 07 January 2013

Francie M. Berg, M.S., who operates the Healthy Weight Network, has issued the 24th annual set of “Slim Chance Awards” to weight-loss schemes promoters. Her 2012 picks are:

Worst claim: Dr. Oz.
Dr. Mehmet Oz touted raspberry ketone on “The Dr. Oz Show” as “the number one miracle in a bottle to burn your fat. ” He also claimed that the product regulates the hormone adiponectin so fat in cells is “broken up” more effectively to enable “fat burning.” But the only relevant research he cited was conducted on lab rats and mammalian cell cultures rather than clinical research does with people.


Worst product: QuickTrim.
QuickTrim formulas include various chemical cocktails claimed to “detoxify and clean” the body and “burn” calories. Potentially hazardous ingredients include stimulant laxatives and unspecified amounts of caffeine. A $5 million class action lawsuit against sellers and promoters has alleged 28 different misrepresentations made for QuickTrim products.


Most outrageous: Fake News Acai Berry Scammers.
Marketers of acai berry and “colon cleanser” products falsely claimed their products would cause rapid and substantial weight loss. The outrageous ads included fake news Web sites that used names and logos of major broacast and cable networks. FTC action led to large financial settlements.


Worst gimmick: Ab Circle Pro.
Ads have falsely claimed that three minutes of working out with the device are equivalent to 100 sit-ups and can cause the user to lose ten pounds in two weeks. Marketers have signed an FTC consent agreement to provide at least $15 million in refunds and to refrain from making unsupportable claims in the future.


Diet Scam Watch has a complete archive of the Slim Chance Awards.

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