Quantum Logic: Dark Field Blood Analysis and Quantum Biofeedback food stress test

Posted 02 August 2018

Quantum Logic’s website promotes a number of health modalities. Two in particular caught our interest: Dark Field Blood Analysis and Quantum Biofeedback food stress test.

Owner, Chris de Beer “recommends a Dark Field Blood Analysis and Quantum Biofeedback food stress test  as the first sensible step towards a 100% personalised diet, long term eating plan – determining which foods cause positive  or negative reactions for you – and an exercise regime. During the Dark Field Blood Analysis you will see a live drop of your blood magnified by a microscope on a computer screen; watch the activities, condition, and number of red as well as white blood cells; see what your cholesterol situation is; and whether there are parasites lurking in your blood –  the carrier of all nutritional and other matter to every nook and cranny of your body”.

Both these tests are unproven, unsubstantiated, Read the rest

Dubious claims abound on Canadian naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, and homeopathy clinic Web sites

Posted 06 March 2017

A survey of 392 naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, and homeopathy clinic Web sites has found that unsupportable claims for the management of asthma and allergy are widespread.
[Murdoch B and others. Selling falsehoods? A cross-sectional study of Canadian naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, and acupuncture clinic website claims relating to allergy and asthma]

The investigators concluded:

  • The majority of the clinics studied claim they can either diagnose or treat both allergy/sensitivity and asthma.
  • Naturopathic clinic websites have the highest rates of advertising at least one of diagnosis, treatment, or efficacy for allergy or sensitivity (85%) and asthma (64%), followed by acupuncturists (68% and 53%, respectively), homeopaths (60% and 54%) and chiropractors (33% and 38%).
  • The majority of the advertised interventions lack evidence of efficacy, and some are potentially harmful.
  • Food-specific IgG testing was commonly advertised, despite the fact that the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has
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British regulators restrict live blood analysis claims

Posted 28 October 2015

From Consumer Health Digest #15-42, October 25, 2015:

The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP), which provide the UK Advertising Codes administered by the Advertising Standards Authority, has issued a guidance statement on live blood analysis. The document states that advertisers of should not:

  • Make claims that live blood analysis can detect current or future health risks
  • Make claims for treatment of conditions or diseases detected with the test
  • Make any reference to the diagnosis or treatment of cancer
  • Use the title “Dr” unless you hold a general medical qualification
  • Discourage essential treatment for conditions for which medical supervision should be sought
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Live blood analysis – real ‘woo-woo’

Posted 17 November 2014

“An evaluation of the cells of the blood can give hints to the presence or cause of many diseases, from vitamin deficiencies to infection to leukemia. The CBC (complete blood count) with or without a differential (the types of cells seen) is part of any initial evaluation of ill patients. With live blood analysis, practitioners take the seed of truth that the evaluation of the blood constituents can give valuable information and grow a forrest of fantasy and magic. It is something to behold.”

From the article, Live Blood Analysis: The Modern Auguries, by Dr Mark Crislip, posted to ScienceBasedMedicine. Dr Crislip explains exactly why this is a scam and how users take facts and extrapolate these into real bullsh_t.

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Bioresonance nonsense

Posted 17 November 2014

At the website, Bioresonance Quit Smoking Therapy (, the claim is made that “Bioresonance Quit Smoking Therapy is one of the most advanced bioresonance technologies to help people give up smoking. Usually 3 or 4 sessions with BICOM 2000 is sufficient to make you stop smoking”. Further on the claims are made that “Modern German bioresonance technology has success rate over 90%. The stop smoking therapy helps you quit smoking without the desire for nicotine and without gaining weight”.

The owner appears to be  Jenny Lubasinski, 21 Nightingale Road, Atlasville, Gauteng, 1645

Our skeptic radar was triggered. How is it that such a remarkable success rate has not resulted in this product being more widely available and used?

Luckily for us, Dr Dave Gorski’s ‘insolence’ blog has done us a service by eloquently explaining why this is sheer nonsense, or as he describes Read the rest

Blood analysis – Sevenpointfive – No proof

Posted 14 June 2014

SevenPointFive advertises that “live blood analysis” can be diagnostic of a range of conditions. We say that this is a scam and has no physiological basis. A complaint was laid with the ASA and SevenPointFive requested to prove their claims. They could not. The ASA ruled against their claims.

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Live Blood Analysis quack sentenced

Posted 24 March 2014

This UK article (March 20, 2014) reports on Live Blood Analysis quack Errol Denton who was handed a £19,000* court bill.

The Ilford Recorder reported:

Denton, who did not attend court and was not represented, was ordered to pay a total of £19,101 in fines and prosecution costs at Westminster Magistrates Court.

He was found guilty of nine offences after a trial, a rare prosecution under The Cancer Act 1939, which prohibits advertisements offering to treat or to cure cancer.

Errol Denton also featured prominently in the UK ASA ruling: “ASA Adjudication on Live Blood Test”

[note note_color=”#f6fdde” radius=”4″]CamCheck posts related to Live Blood Analysis

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Live Blood Analysis? It doesn’t work

Posted 13 March 2014

Edzard Ernst is professor of complementary medicine at the Peninsula medical school at the universities of Exeter and Plymouth. In this article published in The Guardian in 2005, Prof Ernst points out that the claims are nonsense, i.e., this test is no more than a scam. In fact, this is not new – the claims being made for this test in 2014 were rubbished as far back as 1980s!

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Live Blood Analysis – Ozone Health Studio

Posted 06 June 2012

Ozone Health Studio claims ” placing a drop of blood on a slide to look at under a darkfield microscope. From this, they may be able to detect evidence of poor assimilation of fats or proteins, low nutrients and immune response, increased clotting factors, imbalance in pH levels, inflammation, low oxygenation and much more. ” This is so contrary to physiological and haematological principles!!  Bizarre is a simple word to describe these claims.

This ASA ruling is interesting for it holds both the company marketing the product AND Groupon liable for the claims in the advertisement.

The ASA ruled against both.

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Live Blood Analysis:

Posted 4 March 2011

full-circle-advertSevenpointfive have advertised in suburban newspapers and on their website,, the Live Blood Analysis test. It claims that the “test could change your life”.  

They claim that the test can help people with “fatigue & tiredness; digestive problems; weight problems; joint & muscle pains; blood pressure; cholesterol; auto-immuine diseases”, etc.

This test is not only marketed in South Africa, and consumers may think that because this test is used in other parts of the world, that it may have some benefit. Well, what is the truth? 

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