Aminoliq – still no evidence it works

Posted 01 April 2014

The claims for Aminoliq has previously been ruled against by the ASA for the company could not prove that the product could really do as claimed. Despite an assurance from the owner, Norman Fells, that he would no longer make the claims, the company has recently produced a number of variants and started making unsubstantiated claims again. Can one not trust Norman Fells? Worse, Norman is treasurer of the HPA (Health Products Association of South Africa). Oops!!


[note note_color=”#effcb5″]Aminoliq / HA Steinman / 16595
Ruling of the : ASA Directorate
In the matter between:
Dr Harris Steinman Complainant(s)/Appellant(s)
Sport Health and Fitness Technologies (Pty) Ltd Respondent[/note]

20 Mar 2014

In Aminoliq / H A Steinman / 16595 (24 February 2011) the Directorate accepted the respondent’s voluntary undertaking to withdraw or amend its advertising in a manner that would address the concerns raised by Read the rest

2 comments to Aminoliq – still no evidence it works

  • Yolanda

    Perhaps the complainant should consider some exercise. Im 50 years old, and train hard. Aminoliq extreme prevents me from over eating, able to cut portions in half without any hunger. Well defined muscles all over my body. Please dont discontinue this product, its thw best out there!

    • Harris

      There is no evidence that any ingredients in this product works to prevent over eating, etc. I would argue that it is because you are in control and are doing this on your own, without this product. Which is good!

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