Slim HerbAqua

Posted 14 February 2010 

Slim HerbAqua claims to be an effective aid for weight loss and is a mixture of 33 herbs. On the HerbAqua website it states: “Slim Herb Aqua contains a powerful herbal formula with a nine-fold action that will reduce appetite, boost metabolism and improve digestion” and “[F]or effective weight loss, drink 1 bottle a day, follow a healthy eating plan and an exercise programme.” Even if the ingredients had evidence for efficacy in weight-loss, these are the simple facts:

  • The quantity of the individual ingredients in this product is simply too minuscule to have any significant effect on appetite suppression or weight loss at any stretch of the imagination
  • There is simply no evidence in evidence-based medical texts or reputable homeopathic texts to support the claim that these ingredients have a synergistic effect
  • There is no evidence that these ingredients are bio-available in adequate therapeutic
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