5S Slimming Capsules

Posted 19 April 2018

5S Slimming Capsules claims to be “one of the most effective slimming products in SA.

The website makes these claims:

  • Burn Fat Faster And Smarter
  • 100% Herbal Fat Burning Ingredients.
  • Assists With Fat Burning and Fat Trapping. Enhances Liquid Intake and Metabolic Performance.
  • Appetite Suppressor and Metabolism Booster.
  • It’s The Slimming Product With The Best Quality Herbs Used For The Maximum Effect.

How true are these claims? What are the ingredients? What are the dosages of the individual ingredients? Can you trust the manufacturers/sellers of this product? Are they out to make a fast buck, and either sell you a scam product with banned products? Is the product safe? 

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Shape Platinum and 4S slimming pills

Posted 18 March 2016

S4_Slimming_PillsA reader has asked for an opinion on Shape Platinum and 4S Slimming Pills as advertised at Regine van Aswegen is listed as the Sales Manager.

4S Slimming Pills claims to be: “100% Natural Fat Burning Ingredients” and effective as a slimming pill. The product claims: “4S is an all natural product with the best quality herbs used for maximum effect”.

It contains the following ingredients and abbreviated claims:

  • Garcina Cambogia (Brindell Berry)
  • Amylum
  • Cassia Seed Extract: “Removes the intensive heat from the liver while improving vision and moisturizing the intestines and easing the bowels.”
  • Lotus Leaf Extract: “Sensational newly found weight loss qualities of Lotus are widely used in the modern weight loss industry”.
  • Oriental Water Plantain: “This herb is sweet and tasteless in flavour, cold in nature. It acts on the kidney and urinary bladder channels. Being sweet and
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