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Boost Oxygen – Pseudoscience at its best

Posted 05 September 2018

Boost Oxygen is a new product launched which claims, among other:

Many BOOST Oxygen users experience increased concentration, as a result of improved Oxygen supply to the brain, and finds that breathing BOOST Oxygen helps them to relax and reduce their stress levels.  Using supplemental, portable Oxygen also supports and boosts the immune system.

More Oxygen, means more energy!  Stress – a common contributor to fatigue decreases the ability to absorb Oxygen into the blood, resulting in diminished oxygen to the tissues.  Breathing BOOST Oxygen will oxygenate tissues, restoring what has been depleted through exhaustion.

Oxygen deficiency symptoms include fatigue, stress, loss of energy, jet lag, and lack of focus and can be caused by physical activity, stress, poor air quality, travel, toxins and many other factors.

NO! NO! NO! This is unproven nonsense!

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