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Kangmei Slimming Capsules – ASA ruling

Posted 05 March 2013

A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA against the weight-loss claims being made by Kangmei claiming that there is no proof the product works – beyond a placebo response – and that the company needs to supply proof that this product can benefit consumers. 

The company was asked by the ASA to do so, and although gave a long convoluted argument, they were not able to supply any evidence that the product does in fact result in weight-loss in the average consumer using this product.

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Kangmei Slimming Capsules – ASA ruling

Posted 01 June 2012

This ruling is interesting for it illustrates that if an ASA complaint is not constructed correctly, then the ASA cannot consider the merits of the complaint, and will reject it.

Note: I have evaluated the claims and the ingredients and there is no proof that this product can result in the extraordinary claims being made for it. Claiming that no dieting is required reeks of a scam product. A new (and correctly argued) complaint has been laid with the ASA.  

Update: 06 November 2012: Dangerous substance hidden in Kangmei

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