Medical Device Code: Anonymous whistle-blowing hotline accompanies new version of the Code

Posted 26 August 2019

For the attention of healthcare practitioners & other healthcare stakeholders

SAMED’s ability to enforce the Medical Device Code and contribute to raising the levels of ethics in the South African medical technology sector entered a new era on 15 August 2019. This is when its anonymous whistle-blowing hotline for reporting contraventions of the Medical Device Code of Ethical Marketing and Business Practice became operational.

SAMED has decided to add to its complaint-lodging approach and allow for anonymous complaints – through an independently managed service – in order to overcome concerns that many potential whistle-blowers, including healthcare professionals, have due to fears of damaging relationships with colleagues, suppliers and other industry role-players, or of risking a disciplinary procedure or dismissal.

Known as the Medical Device Code ethics hotline, the mechanism is part of Deloitte’s global service which the company introduced in 1999 and which is ISO certified Read the rest